Despite Adversities, Majority of Venezuelans Support Chavismo

Orinoco Tribune, August 15, 2023 —

Caracas (—Venezuelan polling firm Hinterlaces published a video about its most recent poll on Venezuela’s social and political reality. Oscar Schémel, Hinterlaces’ president, stated that more Venezuelans are currently supporting Chavismo than the opposition.

“Even with the serious economic hardships that affect the quality of life of Venezuelans, today there are more people supporting Chavismo than the opposition. It is not true that Chavismo is defeated or exhausted,” said Schémel in a TikTok video posted on Wednesday, August 2.

According to Hinterlaces, 33% of Venezuelans define themselves as Chavistas and 13% declare themselves as opposition supporters. The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) has nearly triple the number of sympathizers than all opposition parties combined. Meanwhile, 70% do not trust that an opposition government can solve the country’s economic problems.

Economic crises inevitably bring with them hegemonic crises. However, in the case of Venezuela, there have been no irremediable ruptures concerning the Bolivarian model of emancipation and social inclusion.

Schémel added that although 53% of citizens declare themselves politically independent and are moving to the political center, apart from the polarization, this group is culturally and politically Chavista.

Hinterlaces’ president shared the following facts found in their polling work:

• 62% of Venezuelans are inclined to make the socialist model more efficient and productive, while only 29% prefer a capitalist model.
• The majority of citizens believe that the State should drive the economy.
• 61% disapprove of the privatization of PDVSA.
• 83% reject unilateral coercive measures, also known as sanctions, against Venezuela.
• Today, Venezuelan society is more nationalistic. It condemns violence and wants equality, respect, justice, and shared welfare.

Schémel continued his analysis, stating that “the majority of Venezuelans do not want a change of model.” Adding that what Venezuelans want is for the model to work, without mentioning that they also want internal and external forces to stop hindering the model’s performance. “In summary, the correlation of social, political and cultural forces continue to strongly favor Chavismo,” he said.

Hinterlaces is a polling firm with a connection to Chavismo. Despite this affiliation, Chavistas and anti-Chavistas consider it one of the best sources for polling studies due to the reliability of its results and the technical quality of its statistical work.

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