Cuba’s President Visits Iran For First Time in 22 Years

Orinoco Tribune, December 3, 2023 —

TEHRAN – Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel embarked on a historic journey to Iran, arriving in Tehran on Sunday night. The invitation, personally extended by the Iranian president, not only symbolizes a diplomatic gesture but also heralds Miguel Díaz-Canel’s inaugural presence in Tehran.

According to reports from Iranian media outlets, the official schedule for Díaz-Canel includes a formal reception slated for Monday morning. This reception, hosted at the Sa’dabad Historical-Cultural Complex by the Iranian president, is expected to set the tone for the engagements to follow.

Following the official reception, both leaders will engage in private meetings, creating an opportunity for more in-depth discussions. A subsequent joint session involving high-ranking officials will be convened, providing the platform for the signing of cooperation agreements between the two nations. The anticipated joint press conference will serve as a platform for both leaders to elucidate the outcomes and achievements of their discussions.

Díaz-Canel’s visit extends beyond official meetings, as he plans to interact not only with Iranian officials but also with high-ranking authorities in the host country. His schedule includes visits to exhibitions spotlighting the capabilities and recent achievements of Iranian innovators. Additionally, a tour of the Pasteur Institute, a collaborative effort between Iran and Cuba in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals, is on the itinerary.

The trip holds historical significance, marking the first instance of a Cuban president setting foot in Iran since Fidel Castro’s visit to Tehran in June 2001.

It is noteworthy that the exchange between Iran and Cuba is not unidirectional. In June of this year, the Iranian president visited Havana and held discussions with his Cuban counterpart. In the presence of both leaders, six agreements were signed to expand bilateral economic, political, and judicial cooperation between the two countries.

The Cuban President has recently conducted official visits to the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, marking his initial two stops on the West Asia tour.

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