Cuba Condemns Foreign Interference and Violent Destabilization Plans in Venezuela (+Honduras)

Orinoco Tribune, March 28, 2024 —

Through his social media accounts, the Cuban Minister for Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodríguez expressed his concern regarding the reported attempts to destabilize the course of the Venezuelan presidential race.

Venezuelan authorities have drawn attention to recent destabilization and assassination attempts and an intensification of the media campaign intended to denigrate the nations’ democratic processes.

On Tuesday, Venezuelan attorney general Tarek Williams Saab evidence of a new terrorism plot and noted that members of the far-right political party Vente Venezuela were identified as participants in a plan to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro.

Saab said that the Venezuelan people want peace, and he called for calm during the electoral process.

Honduras to send electoral observation mission
An observation and accompaniment mission will be sent to Venezuela by the president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, during the elections.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yván Gil wrote that President Xiomara Castro “announces sending an electoral mission to Venezuela, in line with the principles of solidarity and non-interference.”

For her part, President Xiomara Castro wrote: “My government will send an observation and accompaniment mission to the Venezuelan people in the next elections on July 28, 2024. We support free, fair, independent, and transparent processes as a fundamental pillar of democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean—without foreign interference.”

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