Colombian magazine reveals espionage program against Cuba

In declarations to Prensa Latina news agency, Raya-s Editor-in-Chief Edison Bolaño explained that, via confidential sources, he was able to gain access to more than a thousand files which reflect a whole espionage apparatus against Cuba and its diplomatic corps based in Colombia.

According to the magazine, information was adulterated in the computer of a guerrilla chief to blame Cuba for the violent protest in Colombia at the end of 2019 and during 2020 and 2021.

The investigation points out that the espionage operation was named objective Charlie and developed, mainly, during the government of Iván Duque.

It also warns of documents in English under the name Secret/Rel to USA, Colombia that “come from U.S. intelligence agents.” This makes it clear that the U.S. agents were also interested in obtaining information from Cuban diplomats in Colombia. (International News Office)

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