Chinese vice premier reaffirms respect for Iran’s territorial integrity

The Cradle, December 13, 2022 — Despite international restrictions and sanctions, bilateral trade between Iran and China increased by nearly 20 percent in 2022.

On 13 December, the Vice Premier of China, Hu Chunhua, emphasized that his nation always respects Iran’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity, following President Raisi’s criticism of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s positions taken during a recent trip to the region, according to Al-Manar.

President Xi Jinping published a joint statement during his recent visit to Saudi Arabia calling for Iran to cooperate in the nuclear case and asking the country to end its interference in neighboring countries.

A Chinese trade and commercial delegation led by Hu Chunhua met with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on 13 December at the Iran-China Comprehensive Cooperation summit held at Tehran’s Saad Abad Palace.

Raisi emphasized the strengthening ties between Iran and China following the success of the Islamic Revolution and claimed that some of the opinions voiced by Chinese President Xi Jinping during his most recent visit to the area have upset and worried the Iranian people and administration, according to IRNA news agency.

Meanwhile, the vice premier emphasized that China is determined to grow and deepen relations with Iran regardless of regional and international circumstances by describing China’s determination to broaden ties with a strong Iran as its permanent and unchangeable approach.

“China always respects the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran and supports Iran’s efforts to fulfill its fundamental interests,” Hu Chunhua stated, as reported by Al-Manar.

During the summit, representatives of both countries signed 16 memorandums of understanding (MoU), including the bilateral strategic cooperation agreement, which is being implemented over the next 25 years.

Seyed Ehsan Janduzi, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of the Islamic Republic, announced the signing of the agreements at the end of the meeting between First Vice President Mohamad Mojber and the Chinese vice premier.

He explained that administrative measures in oil, gas, banking, investment, and infrastructure were put on the agenda for approval at the next head of state meeting.

Janduzi noted that despite international restrictions and sanctions, bilateral trade increased by nearly 20 percent this year, with the outlook for 2023 being much higher.

Iran and China signed a 25-year cooperation agreement in March 2021, bringing their ties to a comprehensive and strategic level. The alliance contemplates the elimination of the U.S. dollar in the negotiations, according to WANA news agency.

This is the third business summit in the West Asian region to be attended by high-level Chinese representatives, following President Xi Jinping’s meeting with Saudi authorities and other Persian Gulf nations last week.

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