China hails ‘rock-solid’ relations with Russia

RT, December 25, 2022 — The ties between Beijing and Moscow are immune to changes in the international environment, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said.

Relations between China and Russia are “rock-solid” and all external attempts to sow discord between the neighbors are going to be in vain, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday.

The strategic partnership between Beijing and Moscow has become even “more mature and resilient” over the past year, Wang stated during his address at the Symposium on the International Situation and China’s Foreign Relations. “China and Russia have firmly supported each other in upholding respective core interests” during the period, he added.

The US has failed to persuade China to join international sanctions against Russia over the conflict in Ukraine. Beijing has called for peace, but stopped short of condemning Moscow for launching its military operation and blamed the crisis on the actions of the West, including NATO’s eastward expansion.

According to the foreign minister, bilateral trade between China and Russia is approaching a $200 billion target at “a faster pace.” The scale of business done between the two neighbors in national currencies has also been expanding. Significant progress has also been achieved in cross-border connectivity, with the opening of new road and railway bridges in 2022.

‘Stop using salami tactics,’ China tells US

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‘Stop using salami tactics,’ China tells US

In an apparent jab at Washington, he said that “as some country is seeking to revive the Cold War mentality and fabricating the false narrative of democracy versus authoritarianism, China and Russia have stood in solidarity with other countries to steadfastly push for multipolarity and greater democracy in international relations.”

The relationship between Beijing and Moscow is “based on non-alliance, non-confrontation and non-targeting of any third party, remains rock-solid,” Wang insisted. It remains “free from interference or any attempt to sow discord between the two countries, and is immune from changes in the international environment,” he added.

The minister also addressed the ties between China and the US, pointing out that they were “plunged into serious difficulties” because of America’s decision “to see China as its primary competitor and engage in blatant blockade, suppression and provocation against China.” Such a situation is harmful for both sides, whose economies are interconnected, Wang said. He further called upon the US to change course and start working towards “healthy and stable” cooperation.

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