China Donates $100 Million to Cuba

Orinoco Tribune, January 19, 2023 — An agreement for the delivery of ¥700 million (approximately $100 million USD) to the island was signed by Carlos Pereira, the Cuban ambassador to China, and Tang Wenhong, vice president of the China Agency for International Development and Cooperation.

The Communist Party of China has made a donation to Cuba of 700 million yuan, destined to contribute to projects linked to prioritized sectors of the island’s economy.

The Cuban ambassador to the Asian nation, Carlos Pereira, and the vice president of the China Agency for International Development and Cooperation, Tang Wenhong, signed the agreement. The donation was agreed to in November 2022, during the visit of President Miguel Díaz-Canel to China, when both parties sealed several agreements in different sectors.

On social media, Pereira wrote that the donation “ratifies China’s strategic participation in our economic and social development plans and contributes to the construction of a community of shared destiny between our two countries.”

President Díaz-Canel made a brief visit to China on November 24-25, which included official talks and the signing of agreements to promote bilateral cooperation. At the end of his stay, the Cuban president declared that the results were satisfactory and that China was committed to the development of the island based on cooperation.

Díaz-Canel referred to three fundamental pillars in the collaboration between both nations: biotechnology, the renewable energy sector focused on renewable energy sources, and computerization and cybersecurity. Additionally, he pointed out that Cuba is open to develop in the food production, wholesale, and retail trade sectors.

Díaz-Canel noted the empathy of President Xi Jinping and the rest of his government to the difficulties facing Cuba and China’s willingness to find formulas to solve problems, undertake projects, and make a firm commitment to Cuba’s development.

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