BREAKING: IRGC says ‘nuclear doctrine’ can change in response to Israeli attack

The Cradle, April 18, 2024 ─ 

The commander of Iran’s Nuclear Centers Protection and Security Corps, Brigadier General Ahmed Haq Talab, announced on 18 April that if Israel decides to strike one of the country’s nuclear facilities, the Islamic Republic could “revise” its nuclear doctrine.

“If the Zionist regime wants to take action against our nuclear centers and facilities, it will face our reaction … [on its] nuclear centers,” the senior commander said. “It is possible and conceivable to revise the nuclear doctrine and policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and to deviate from the considerations announced in the past,” Talab emphasized.

He also reminded Tel Aviv that its nuclear facilities “are identified and the necessary information about all the targets are at our disposal,” adding that the IRGC has “their hand on the trigger to fire powerful missiles to destroy specified targets.”

“If the Zionist regime commits an act of aggression against Iran … the blow it receives from the armed forces will be remembered in history like Operation True Promise,” Talab added.

Officials in Tel Aviv have pledged to respond to an Iranian retaliatory strike this past weekend, which saw the Islamic Republic launch hundreds of drones and missiles toward Israel.

Nevertheless, reports in western media suggest Israel will “limit” its response under pressure from its allies.

Despite reports in western media that Iran has been “days away” from building a nuclear bomb since the mid-1980s, top Iranian officials maintain the nation’s nuclear program does not seek to produce a weapon of mass destruction and adheres to a fatwa (Islamic edict) issued by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei 30 years ago.

“If it wasn’t for [the fatwa] and we wanted to do it, they wouldn’t have been able to stop it, just as they haven’t been able to stop our nuclear advances and won’t be able to,” Khamenei said in June 2023.

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