Argentina on the Brink of Collapse: “Anarcho-Capitalist” Javier Milei Is Part of the WEF Agenda

A new president was elected in Argentina this week. He is Javier Milei, a man from the financial sector with no political experience, who describes himself as an “anarcho-capitalist”.

During the election campaign, Milei announced that he wanted to abolish numerous ministries and the Argentine central bank, privatize broadcasting, introduce the US dollar as the national currency and organize the trade in human organs in a market economy. Immediately after his election, he announced that his first trips would take him to the USA and Israel.

Who is this man and what will he achieve?

Javier Milei is a 53-year-old economist who has worked at the major bank HSBC and in the past as an advisor to the Argentinian government. For 10 years he was chief economist at Corporación América International, an airport operator and one of the most important concessionaires of the Argentinian state – and a partner company of the World Economic Forum. The president of the company, billionaire and WEF contributor Eduardo Eurnakian, promoted Milei and brought him into politics – an interesting parallel to Ukrainian President Selenskyj and his patron, billionaire Kolomoisky. However, Eurnakian has distanced himself from his protégé since Milei’s derogatory comments about Pope Francis.

Like Selenskyj and his predecessor as Argentinian president, Alberto Fernandez, Milei is listed by the World Economic Forum as a contributor to its agenda. In fact, he has consistently represented the positions of the WEF in the recent past. Although initially against vaccination, he has argued for mandatory vaccination during the coronavirus crisis, is firmly on the side of the Zelensky regime in the Ukraine war and stands shoulder to shoulder with the IDF and Benjamin Netanyahu in the Israel war.

The election campaign that brought Milei to power took place at a time of extremely difficult social and economic conditions for the Argentinian people. 50% of Argentinians are dependent on state payments and 40% live below the poverty line. Until the 1950s, Argentina was the richest country in South America, with a standard of living comparable to that in Europe.

The fact that things have gone downhill since then is mainly due to the fact that the country has become increasingly indebted and has therefore become more and more dependent on the International Monetary Fund IMF. To date, Argentina has received more than 20 loans from the IMF, including the largest loan ever granted by the IMF of 57 billion dollars in 2018. The country is currently in debt to the IMF to the tune of 44 billion dollars. Of course, the IMF loans are not available without clear instructions from the US-controlled financial institution. All loans are tied to so-called structural adjustment programs, which reduce the standard of living of the majority of the population through strict austerity policies.

Milei has now announced that he intends to take this austerity policy to a whole new level by completely slashing the social sector. In other words, he wants to proceed like the Greek government during the euro crisis. Pensions will fall, the healthcare and education systems will face drastic cuts and energy prices will certainly be raised – all for the benefit of the IMF.

By dismantling the central bank, Milei will certainly not take the country one step forward, as the replacement of the peso and the introduction of the US dollar will not free Argentina but will make it 100 percent subject to the US central bank, the Federal Reserve, and its monetary policy, turning Argentina into a colony of the United States. 

The fact that Milei was mainly elected by poor young Argentinians is revealing. On the one hand, this shows that the social media and the financiers behind them obviously gave him a lot of support, but on the other hand it also shows the social desperation of many people who were left with only the choice between plague and cholera in this election.

In any case, one thing is certain: as president, Milei will pursue the agenda of the digital-financial complex from day one, submit to the Fed, which is now dependent on BlackRock, and launch the toughest and harshest austerity program in South American history to date. However, this will put him in direct confrontation with the majority of the Argentinian population. The disillusionment that we will soon experience will be extremely great – and will certainly lead to enormous social upheaval in the country.


Ernst Wolff was born in China in 1950 and spent his childhood in Korea. After studying in Germany and the USA, he worked as an interpreter, language teacher and screenwriter. Since the 1990s, he has been working as a journalist on the relationship between politics and “nance. He has published numerous articles on this subject and written several non-fiction books (World Power IMF, Financial Tsunami and Wolf of Wall Street). With the highly acclaimed book World Power IMF he became an acknowledged bestselling author. With World Economic Forum he continues this success. His investigative research and detailed knowledge of the global monetary system make him one of the top authors in the fields of economics, “nance and political economy. Ernst Wolff runs his own info channels on YouTube, Telegram and Odysee and regularly reaches an audience of millions.

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