America’s Diabolic Plan to Subjugate and Break Up Russia

Chaitanya Davé, Global Research, October 18, 2022 — We in America are led to believe that the allied forces led by Dwight Eisenhower were major factors in the defeat of Hitler’s Nazi Germany. This is a blatant lie.

It was Russia, who was mainly responsible for defeating Hitler’s Germany. Russia had lost 26 million soldiers in that war while America had lost 419,400. Russia was allied with Europe and America until the end of World War-II. Then how did Russia become the adversary and a foe?

On July 25, 1945, Harry Truman suddenly reversed the pro-UN  and anti-imperialistic foreign policies of his immediate predecessor, FDR, and set the U.S. government onto the path of America controlling the entire world, which meant, more than anything else, conquering the Soviet union—especially Russia—which had defeated Hitler—Both, FDR and Churchill had acknowledged at the time, but which was never said publicly and this historical fact became hidden by Operation Mockingbird after the war.

This was exactly opposite to what had been the central aim of FDR. It was for WW-II to be replaced by a new system of international law that would be produced and enforced by the U.N. getting rid of all imperialisms. FDR intended that after the war, he and Stalin would force the intensely imperialistic Churchill to accept this new anti-imperialistic reality, the U.N. would be a functioning global federal republic of all nations and sole source and enforcer of international laws, laws between nations. It was Truman, the cold warrior who created CIA in 1947 and NATO in 1949. The purpose being to dominate the world by any criminal means.

During World War-II, Russia was an important ally of USA and UK. As mentioned above, more than allied forces, it was Russia who defeated Hitler while losing millions of its soldiers. Yet, right after the war, Russia became an enemy, a boogeyman, created by Truman and supported by Churchill. Truman started the cold war. For what? Billions of dollars were spent in the unnecessary arms race rather than taking care of its citizens ever since. Truman even created the CIA and NATO, both hegemonic criminal organizations. Imagine how much better off and peaceful the world would have been if United States and United Kingdom had extended a hand of friendship to Russia? The criminals commit their crimes and go away while the world’s poor pay the price. That is the legacy of most American presidents with few exceptions ever since its birth.

Though Russia has done no harm to the United States, the United States had been planning to destroy Russia since the end of World War-II.

The Coup to install anti-Russian government in Ukraine was planned since June 2011.

Finally, U.S. was successful in carrying out the coup in Ukraine to overthrow the pro-Russian, democratically elected president Viktor Yanukovych and was replaced with pro-western, rabidly anti-Russian president Volodymyr Zelensky. The idea behind this coup was to make Ukraine anti-Russian so that it can be admitted into NATO. The chief objective to grab Ukraine has been to place America’s nuclear missiles on Russia’s border with Ukraine, only 5-minute flying time away from nuking Moscow. The idea behind being that if it is done that fast, then Russia’s command-and-control will be preemptively destroyed before Russia could launch retaliatory weapons.

Once Russia has been neutralized, it will be forced to obey  U.S. hegemony; will become a vassal state of the United States like the UK and other western European nations and then its vast resources will be made available for western powers to exploit and profit from.

U.S. and European countries view Russia, as Hitler did in 1941, as a vast arena for plunder. Through a combination of war and internal destabilization, these imperialist countries seek to instigate the breakup of Russia. Then, the U.S. will reign supreme amongst the nations of the world. This is the diabolical plan of the U.S. government.

There is another reason for the United States to fear and hate Russia. Washington derives its global power through its control and dominance of the U.S. dollar, as it has become the world’s reserve currency. This special status enables Washington to amass obscene deficits that do not in any way reflect America’s real productive capacity.

The U.S. dollar is the dominant currency used for most international trades since it replaced sterling in 1920s.Major commodities such as oil, gas, gold, base metals, and agricultural products are priced in and paid for, in dollars internationally. This has created huge global demand for the dollar, adding massive value to its worth, thus creating strong demand for US treasuries. This enables the United States’ federal government to print dollars by the trillions—creating money out of thin air—borrow without limit and spend with abandon.

The dollar dominance has afforded America great global power. But now, as never before, it is under threat as Russia, China and other countries are challenging the dollar hegemony.

Many countries have realized and are now seeking to ditch their dependance on the dollar as Washington has abused its status as issuer of the world’s reserve currency for decades.

Russia and China have drastically reduced their use of the dollar. About 90% of their bilateral trade was conducted in dollars in 2015, but since the start of US-China trade war, that has fallen to 46% and is rapidly declining further. Even US allies and friends, like Turkey and India, have begun trading in their respective national currencies when it suits them.

Since Ukraine-Russia War, the de-dollarization has picked up speed. For example, all the trade between Russia and India, worth billions of dollars, is now done in Rubbles and Rupees. Hence, this is the beginning of the end of dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

America’s growing use of severe sanctions against countries who do not obey its dictates, has fueled this trend as countries seek new ways of financing their trades without Washington’s ability to seize their money. “The U.S., by continuously using sanctions, is beginning to cut off its nose to spite its face,” said Anuradha Chenoy, formerly the dean of Jawaharlal Nehru’s School of international Studies in New Delhi.

This continued decline of the dollar as world’s reserve currency, the de-dollarization, and Russia-China alliance deeply worries the United States.

Any nation that does not obey Washington’s edicts and refuses to play the dollar game is met with a coup, a color revolution, a false flag, or brute military force. We saw that what Washington did in Iraq, Libya and many other nations that rejected dollar hegemony. But United States cannot directly attack Russia. So, this proxy war in Ukraine, using Ukrainian people as pawns to be sacrificed by thousands.

It is indeed a laughable matter to hear the US and NATO countries claiming that they are engaged in a “defense of democracy” and against “foreign aggression”. The Biden Administration’s claim that it is defending the sanctity of Ukraine’s national sovereignty against “foreign aggression”.

Just look at the countries invaded and/or bombed by the US in the last 30 years: Panama, Kuwait, Iraq, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Yemen, Pakistan, Libya, and Syria. Since World War-II, the United States has destroyed more than 50 democracies and/or democratic movements around the world.

To achieve this victory in World War-III, the U.S. government needs to deceive its population constantly like they did before invading Iraq in 2003 and the main-stream corporate media in America always is a happy partner to oblige.

That is why they have made Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad, Iran, or China into a demon. Now Putin has been made a boogeyman. To an astute observer who questions everything he or she sees on American TV or reads on mainstream newspapers, everything fits into a pattern. U.S. corporate media always toes the government line just like they did prior to Iraq invasion in 2003. Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine, all the mainstream news media are condemning Putin but none of them criticize U.S. policy towards Russia which led to the invasion in the first place.

There are massive protests, against higher gas prices in Germany and France. Thousands of people are protesting, asking the French government to get out of NATO. But nowhere we see this news being reported in American mainstream news-media. Total black out. “Censorship by Omission”, to quote veteran Australian journalist John Pilger. Unfortunately, most Americans believe in this massive propaganda. So, U.S. crimes around the world go on unabated.


Chaitanya Davé is a chemist and chemical engineer and a successful businessman. Authored three books: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: A Shocking Record of US Crimes since 1776-2007, COLLAPSE: Civilization of the Brink-2010, Capitalism’s March of Destruction. Author of many articles on politics, history, and environment Founder and President of “Pragati”, a non-profit charity foundation helping the poor villagers of India, Nepal, Haiti, USA-homeless and other poor countries. He can be contacted at

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