America’s Billionaires Collectively Control the Hegemonic U.S. Imperial Government

Eric Zuesse, Global Research, September 14, 2022 — How & Why Billionaires’ Charities’ Efforts to Help the World Are Now Turning It Rapidly Worse.

On September 13th, two very grim reports about the world’s future were published, one by America’s Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, and the other by America’s Gallup polling organization; and both are data-based — as Melinda and Bill Gates expressed it in their joint Introduction to their new report, which is titled “The Future of Progress”: “We are data people, and this is a data report.”

Bill Gates’s essay there is titled “We need to change how we think about world hunger”, and opens:

“In February, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine interrupted the flow of grain from Europe to Africa, creating another humanitarian crisis on a second continent.”

Melinda Gates’s essay is titled “Gender equality depends on women having power, not just ‘empowerment’”, and opens,

“Economic progress for women is stalling worldwide — and COVID-19 is not the only reason why. But frankly, blaming COVID-19 alone would be a cop-out. We have to ask harder questions: Why do gender-neutral events like pandemics have gendered effects? And why, after decades of high-profile efforts to improve the lives of women and girls, is equality still generations out of reach?”

Both essays focus on different topics, but neither focuses on the chief driver of increased economic inequality itself, which is fundamental to everything that they discuss:

Its chief driver is their own and fellow-billionaires’ imperialism and the resultant soaring taxpayer-funded military-weapons-manufacturers’ and extraction-industries’ profits that derive from the resulting unique advantages that these billionaires derive from the empire that the Government that they and their fellow billionaires control for their own special economic benefit.

Only this structure empowers these billionaires to grab, for themselves and their friends, control over yet more of the world’s resources.

Whereas Melinda Gates mentions economic inequality as supposedly needing to be reduced in order to reduce gender-inequality (something which also has biological sources, which her essay ignores, as-if they don’t even exist at all);

and, whereas Bill Gates equally falsely assumes that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was not a necessary defensive measure by Russia against these billionaires’ obsession to gain control of Russia, to make it yet another U.S. vassal-nation;

America’s billionaires, themselves, collectively control the insatiable global-hegemonic-control-obsessed U.S. imperial Government, which systematically is forcing-up economic inequality throughout the entire world. They refuse to see what they don’t want to see; and, so, it gets censored-out of every organization that they control.

Gallup’s new report is a book, about which Gallup headlines “NEW BOOK: Blind Spot is now available. Get your copy today.” They announce:

The World Is Suffering

Anger, stress, sadness, physical pain and worry have reached new global highs. While it’s easy to blame everything on the COVID-19 pandemic, negative emotions have been rising for a decade.

A big problem is that leaders don’t know just how much unhappiness there is in the world today. They don’t know because they haven’t been paying attention to the right metrics. But they can start now.

Gallup’s new book, Blind Spot, shows leaders why measuring happiness and wellbeing is crucial to reversing the trend of rising global misery and the serious outcomes of unhappiness. …

Improving the world starts with improving people’s lives. And the first step is knowing how people’s lives are going. Find out what some companies are already doing to lead the way in this excerpt from Blind Spot.

From governments and corporations to communities and workplaces, leaders everywhere need to watch emotional and behavioral indicators as much as traditional economic indicators — and start focusing more on how people feel.

Full of captivating questions, answers and Gallup’s global research, Blind Spot shows them how.

The Gallup Press page on their book is bannered “Blind Spot: The Global Rise of Unhappiness and How Leaders Missed It” (no: they — agents of the billionaires —  created it, in serving their masters), and says:


Anger, stress, worry and sadness reached record highs in 2021.

Unhappiness has been increasing globally for a decade, according to Gallup — and its rise has been missed by almost every world leader. That’s because while leaders pay close attention to measures like GDP or unemployment, almost none of them track their citizens’ wellbeing.

The implications of this blind spot are significant and far-reaching — leaders missed the citizen unhappiness that triggered events ranging from the Arab uprisings to Brexit to the election of Donald Trump.

However, in fact: an accompanying graph there, of “The Global Rise of Unhappiness” shows that, actually, this rise in unhappiness had started in 2014, after a significant decline in unhappiness was registered during 2013; so, the statement, by Gallup, that “Unhappiness has been increasing globally for a decade,” is actually false, according to Gallup’s own figures.

Screenshot of Negative Experience Index

It has been sharply rising for eight years. Globally, unhappiness has been soaring ever since 2014, not since 2012 — such as Gallup arbitrarily, and falsely, alleges by asserting that “Unhappiness has been increasing globally for a decade.”

In February 2014, the U.S. Government’s coup taking over control of Ukraine’s Government occurred, and the breakaway of two regions of Ukraine which had voted overwhelmingly for the democratically elected President of Ukraine that Obama had just replaced with a racist-fascist anti-Russian Government, produced the war in Ukraine, which has continued ever since.

The U.S. Government’s objective throughout this is to get its nuclear missiles based on Ukraine’s border with Russia, which is the closest part of Russia’s entire border to Moscow, so that America will then be able to launch from there and so blitz-annihilate Russia’s central command, in the Kremlin, in order that Russia won’t have more than five minutes from that launch in order to be able to launch its own missiles against America and all of NATO.

The Obama Administration were determined to overthrow and replace the democratically-elected-in-2010 President of Ukraine as soon as Ukraine’s new President said no, that same year, to both Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s personal urgings to bring Ukraine into the EU as a steppingstone for Ukraine to become admitted into NATO.

He said no; and, in this, he was expressing the will of the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians who, prior to Obama’s 2014 coup, feared NATO and considered it to be their enemy.

The U.S. Government and its allies, or vassal nations, have announced that they are going to get Ukraine into NATO, one way or another. Whatever else the war between Russia and Ukraine is, it is actually the war between the United States (America’s billionaires) and Russia (the people who live there and who overwhelmingly support Vladimir Putin as being their leader), and this war is being waged on the battlefield of Ukraine because that country has a border nearer to Moscow than any other nation does.

Ukrainians are America’s proxy army in this war. Russia is using its own army there, to protect Russians and Russia, against America and against Ukraine and the U.S. Government’s other vassal-nations.

If America’s billionaires were not so insatiable as to demand hegemony — controlling the entire world as they already control America’s own Government — then the negative trends since 2014, that both Gallup and the Gateses claim to care so much about, would reverse. And America’s billionaires will probably resist that fact with all of the wealth that they possess, and with all of the tax-monies that they and their vassal-nations can collect from their residents to pay for.

The deep insincerity of billionaires worldwide is likewise displayed in their fraudulent recommendations on global warminganother issue that is especially dangerous to the world’s poor.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public. He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

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