A vote for our identity and sovereignty

The people will go to the polls on March 26th to elect their representatives to continue building the better country we aspire to.

For a nation like Cuba, marked by its history and the defense of its sovereignty in the face of the biggest adversities, the election process to choose the representatives of the people in the National Assembly of People’s Power is an act of commitment that also defends the identity of an entire country.

It could not be otherwise in a Revolution that has unity as its banner, and popular participation as a strategic key to improve the work of the government in order to achieve a more prosperous and sustainable society.

For this reason, when people in Cuba talk about the upcoming general elections, no one thinks of political campaigns or dishonorable perks for the people in favor of one candidate or another. One thinks, however, of how the deputies -with the enormous responsibility of being the voice and the feelings of their electors in Parliament- will channel the treatment of the problems, needs and aspirations of the Cuban people.

As it is known, and as our President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez has expressed, the 10th Legislature will not be a National Assembly in which the deputies will come to solve the problems. “These are going to be solved through the link between the deputies and the people, because the people are the main protagonists. We would go to that Assembly to represent the people”.

Therein lies the confidence of all those in the Greater Antilles who know that defending this civic and democratic process is the best way to protect the guarantees that the Revolution has given throughout its more than six decades of existence: to have medical assistance in every corner of the country, even in intricate areas of the Turquino Plan; that schools and universities be an open house for all children and young people without distinction of any kind; and that access to sports, science, culture or any other field of knowledge and creation, not be limited to reduced elites with bulging pockets.

These same essences shield our electoral process of a unique character, which here makes reality what in many other countries remains a utopia: candidates for deputies who are not the result of the proposal of a party, but men and women from the people; that is, peasants, scientists, students, grassroots leaders or community leaders, whose greatest motto is to be examples of selflessness and integrity.

With that certainty that it is the people who elect their representatives to continue building the better country to which we aspire, they will go to the polls next March 26, to cast a vote that will enhance our identity and sovereignty.

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