Western states trying to make another dash into Africa – Tanzanian FM

RT, May 27, 2024 —

January Makamba emphasized the importance of African sovereignty and the right to choose international partners without pressure.

Cooperation with Africa should be built on mutuality of respect and of  benefits, Tanzanian Foreign Minister January Makamba has insisted in an exclusive interview with RT.

The top diplomat criticized the former colonial powers and Western nations and accused them of attempting to reassert influence over Africa. The result of this push is that former colonialist states, such as France, are now “being kicked out” of places like Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso, Makamba noted.

“European countries, and particularly America, right now, are trying to make a last second dash into Africa,” the foreign minister warned. 

There is, however, a determination among African leaders and nations to assert their independence and sovereignty, he claimed. To that end Makamba highlighted the importance of countries being able to freely select partners for development projects, free from external pressure. 

“We [Africans] find it offensive to be asked to choose this one particular partner or another,” he said, adding that every nation and the continent as a whole must be able to independently pursue its interests.

Referring to political empowerment in Africa, Makamba said true progress would come through self-reliance and unity among the countries of the continent. 

“It’s not just about projects, development, mining. It’s also about political empowerment, and this we can only do ourselves, and we can only do it with unity,” he said.

Africa Day, celebrated around the world on May 25 each year, marking the establishment of the African Union, “is significant because Africa Day is about unity.”

Tanzania’s ambassador to Russia, Fredrick Ibrahim Kibuta, said Tanzania is interested in expanding trade and economic cooperation with Moscow, especially in agriculture and fertilizers, as well as the mining sector, oil and gas, IT, energy, and tourism. 

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