G.A. Zyuganov Report at the Plenum of the Central Committee of the Party.

Communist Party of Russian Federation, May 25, 2024 —

Below is the machine translation  of  the  report of Gennady Zyuganov at the Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party “On the tasks of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in uniting anti-fascist forces in the fight against imperialism, reaction and the military threat”.

Dear Plenum and guests!

It has long been observed that during periods of events of world-historical importance, time seems to accelerate its course. What in another period stretched for years, in turning, revolutionary conditions fit in weeks and days. The habitual foundations are wandering and collapsing. From the “sacred” statues crumbled with gilded. The world is changing rapidly.

For the average person, this is the time of anarchy and chaos. He always wants to return to the usual track and often does not understand: the past will not be repeated. It’s been in the summer.

The Communists have their own view of the course of events. Armed with historical materialism and dialectics, they see the true causes and “hidden mechanisms of the historical process.” There are no inexplicable zigzags for them. The followers of Marxism-Leninism do not sail, “according to the will of the waves,” do not wander blindly in the darkness of the unknown. They understand the ground of phenomena.

In the mess of 1917, when the three-hundred-year-old monarchy of the Romanovs collapsed, only the Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, fully felt the nerve of the moment. The course of events then lifted a variety of parties and currents. Everyone seemed to have a historic opportunity. But it was the Bolsheviks, deeply aware of the needs and aspirations of the people’s majority, that came to victory.

Knowing the laws of history, Lenin’s party was not lost in the pressed events. He himself did not accidentally call for the revolution as an art and reminded his comrades that history would not forgive the perplexing of the revolutionaries who could win today (and will surely win today), risking losing much tomorrow, risking losing everything.

It is no coincidence that, coming from life, the most talented authors, felt the course of time akin to Lenin’s genius. No wonder Gogol compared Russia with the bird-carrying troika, and Tyutchev wrote:

Blessed who visited this world

In his moments, the fateful,

He was called by all-agiers,

As an interlocutor at the feast,

He’s their high spectator’s sights…

The premonition of great changes was visited by Russian writers and poets of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. And the prophetic lines of Mayakovsky sounded:

Where the eyes of people break off the kus,

Head of the hungry hordes,

the tone vector of revolutions

The 16th year is coming.

But the words of Alexander Blok from the article – The intelligentsia and the revolution: We, the Russians, are experiencing an era that has not much equal to itself in greatness. The artist’s work, the artist’s duty to see what is conceived, to listen to the music that is rattled by the wind. What’s conceived? Repeat everything. Arrange everything so that everything becomes new; that the lying, dirty, boring, ugly our life becomes just, clean, cheerful and beautiful life. This is called the Revolution.

Humanity is on the verge of radical changes today. Not understanding their causes, the dynamics and consequences are easily the victim of circumstances, or even the darkest and most vicious forces. The task of our party is to give the workers clear guidelines, to answer the most difficult questions and to offer solutions, and on this basis – to unite forces against the reaction, fascism and military threat. to fight for socialism!

The imperialist crisis and threats to humanity

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, excavated by the el-art gets of capitalism, discovered that the contradictions underlying this formation inevitably lead to crises. The Communist Party’s manifesto densed: The bourgeois relations became too narrow to accommodate the wealth they created. How does the bourgeoisie overcome crises? On the one hand, by the forced destruction of a whole mass of productive forces, on the other hand, by conquering new markets and more thorough exploitation of the old ones. What, therefore? By the fact that it prepares more comprehensive and more crushing crises and reduces the means of countering them.

W.I. Lenin found that imperialism is the highest and last stage of the bourgeois epoch. He noted that the internal contradictions of capitalism are exacerbated, the process of its internal decomposition reaches the utmost sharpness and the end is inevitable. But the founder of Bolshevism warned against illusions and pointed out that the general crisis of capitalism would last an entire epoch.

Lenin warned that capital would cling to power, even at the cost of millions of victims and bloody wars. In March 1918, at the VII emergency congress of the RCP (b) he uttered harsh and visionary words. Marxists have never forgotten that violence will inevitably be a companion of the collapse of capitalism on the full scale and birth of socialist society. And this violence will be a world-historical period, a whole era of a wide variety of wars – wars of imperialist, civil wars within the country, the plexus of those and other, national wars, the liberation of nationalities crushed by the imperialists, various combinations of imperialist powers. This epoch – the era of gigantic collapses, mass military violent solutions, crises – it has begun, we see it clearly.

At this stage, the temporary stabilization of capitalism is already in the past. The destruction of the Soviet Union and the system of socialist countries gave a respite to the global oligarchy. At the end of the twentieth century, the bourgeoisie lost a powerful rival, whose successes were recognized even by the enemies of the Communists.

Can capitalism survive? No, I don’t think I did, economist and sociologist Josef Schumpeter admitted. According to him, the development of the capitalist system will inevitably create conditions in which it cannot survive and give way to socialism. You can hate socialism…,” Shumpeter concluded, –but still to foresee his parish.

And here’s what U.S. President John F. Kennedy said in a 1961 interview with the newspaper Izvestia: I was in the Soviet Union in 1939 as a student, and I understand that there were many changes there and that the standard of living of the people is rising… It has a great nuclear power. It has missiles, planes, a large number of divisions, and other countries are connected. No one will ever invade the Soviet Union again. There is no military force that can do it.

As a senator, Kennedy admitted in 1958 that many of us are still hard to believe that the Russians have a better university than we do. We believed that our excellent wealth would give our children a better education. But we have not been able to allocate a more insignificant share – at most 3 percent of our national income, unlike the Soviet 10 percent … We were very misguided about Russian intellectual misconceptions. We were wrong about their supposed ignorance… Our lag in educational achievements is costly.

It is difficult to imagine that in that situation, Western politicians seriously count on sanctions in the fight against the USSR. It is also clear why the NATOs hope for success today. They believe that the economy of our country, which they, their agents and vassals in Russia – tore in the way of the clock, one day will not withstand.

Kennedy’s words only confirm the scale of the 1991 disaster. Due to unseen betrayal, the development of the USSR was interrupted. Western capital has received a huge market and sources of raw materials. This gift poured fresh forces into the muscles of capitalism, helped to soften the growing contradictions.

The destruction of the Soviet Union in the West was regarded as a triumph. On December 25, 1991, U.S. President George W. Bush congratulated the nation in a Christmas address on his victory in the Cold War. A month later in Congress, he said: Communism died… With the help of gentlemen, America won the Cold War… The greatest victory over the USSR, and the hands of its internal opposition. These words are painful in our hearts. But U.S. politicians should have carefully studied Lenin. They’d know they’d be early to celebrate.

First, the death of communism did not happen. Our ideas and our movement are alive. The CPRF celebrated 30 years of its revival. Among our associates are both opposition and ruling Communist parties. And together we are confident in the future.

The secret of the survivability of our ideas is not difficult to reveal. Capitalism hasn’t gone anywhere. With it, exploitation, inequality, poverty, the disenfranchising of billions of workers have survived. The desire of the masses is to correct this injustice.

Secondly, the destruction of the USSR intensified the parasitism within the system of capitalism. Imperialism is a huge accumulation in a few countries of money capital.,Ленин The consequence he called the growth of the “layers of the rentiers” that is. people living in a “cutting coupons.” These are the persons whose profession is idleness. The export of capital increases the rentier’s detachment from production and imposes an imprint of parasitism on the whole country, which lives by the exploitation of the labour of several overseas countries and colonies.

Financial frauds have now become global. They were affected by entire regions. For example, the Asian financial crisis of 1997-1998. In 2008, the bubble exploded on a global scale. Capitalism has become increasingly immersed in the abyss of the crisis. Together with the economy, it inevitably covers politics.

In the last century, inter-imperialist contradictions led to two world wars and gave rise to the monster of fascism. Is humanity insured against the repetition of this scenario? Of course not! To make sure you look around.

The capitalism of the 20s of the 21st century is as pregnant with fascism as in the 20s of the 20th century. The sprouts of inhuman ideology are everywhere. This is clearly seen in the international politics of the leading powers and in their inner life. The far-right movements are gaining strength. The ideology of neo-Nazism is again protected on the highest floors of power.

Supporters of far-right ideas are also working in our country. This is especially dangerous for a multinational Russia. Everyone needs to understand well: if the role of the main fighters against Bandera will be nominated anti-Soviets, Russophobes and outright vis. nothing good will come.

As a hundred years ago, only the masses of the working people, led by the Communists, can block the way of fascism. Today, an effective strategy for defeating the unconditional evil of neo-Nazism is extremely important for us. First of all, it is necessary to clearly indicate what fascism is, where its origins, what is its nutrient medium and how to end it.

The Beast of the Monster

Dear comrades! On April 22, 2023, at the International Anti-Fascist Forum in Minsk in the Manifesto for the unification of the peoples of the world, we stressed: “Nazism has become a direct product of the crisis of capitalism. He grew out of the thirst for large capital to retain power over the workers at all costs. For their self-serving purposes, the imperialists followed the path of support for the darkest forces. They brought Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and their ideological accomplices to power. From the political marginals, the Nazis turned into the rulers of the fates of many millions of people.

The peoples of the world cannot forget the experience of the fight against fascism. Fascism was stronger. This paved the way for the worst war in the history of mankind. The last, decisive steps were taken to the furnaces and gas chambers of Buchenwald and Mauthausen, Dachau and Sobibor, Maidanek and Auschwitz.

Bourgeois ideologues of different shades have been trying for centuries to confuse the question of fascism, to take attention from the essence of the problem. In the information and educational space of many countries, especially the West, fascism is regarded only as an anomaly and aragistic disloc. Allegedly, it is only a matter of defeating Germany in the First World War and the humiliating conditions of the Versailles peace. The veil of fascism, the ideological jugglers are explained by the intrigues of the totalitarian regimes. According to their insane, all non-liberal systems are related and alien to democracy. The speculation on the analogies between fascism and communism is an important part of the West’s propaganda baggage.

We remember how in a matter of years the Nazi ideas have mastered millions of minds. The fascists came to power in countries as unlike Germany, Italy, Hungary, Finland, Spain. How do bourgeois ideologues explain this? Back in 1939, the American Philosophical Society held a symposium, where it rated fascism as a totalitarian ideology and an uprising against the entire historical civilization of the West.

Political scientist R. Murstin insisted on the relationship of socialism and fascism. Its “Argument” is a one-party system in the USSR and the countries of the brown block. This sly approach was actively exploited during the Cold War. In 1952, a conference in the United States characterized totalitarian systems as – closed societies, in which everything from the upbringing of children to the production of products is controlled from a single center.

In accordance with the order – to vanish the Soviet Union – the most blatant authors were involved in the case. In 1956, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Karl Friedrich in the work Totalitarian dictatorship and autocracy identified signs of totalitarianism, combining fascism and Soviet socialism.

The book of Karl Popper was also the book of the anti-communists – the open society and his enemies. Hiking the premise of fascism, he scholastically led the existence of a closed society. To him he in an insulted all Nazi and socialist regimes and any societies based on collectivism. Their features Popper called the lack of freedom of choice, blind submission to the laws, customs and prohibitions.

The founders of totalitarianism Popper called Plato, Hegel and Marx. Plato did not please him by the fact that he was supposedly the first political ideologue who thought in terms of classes. And Hegel and Marx, in his opinion, substantiated the totalitarianism of the 20th century. Popper, the Liberal-bourgeois democracies proclaimed – open societies – where reason and freedom reign, and man is aware of his individuality.

Another “libertarian” – Friedrich von Hayek – stated that collectivism and central planning is “the road to slavery.” He proclaimed the difference between collectivism, fascism and communism as insignificant.

Today, this line is still ongoing. People like U.S. political scientist Tom Nichols call fascism an ideology that elevates the state over the individual, worships military power, hates liberal democracy, and is mired in nostalgia and historical resentment.

All these constructions are propaganda stamps. They can’t stand any serious scientific criticism.

So, what is attributed to fascism? Hard police control? But the leader in the number of prisoners is the United States.

One-party system? There are many countries with such a system. But even where multiparty is enshrined in law, one or two parties dominate for decades. For example, in Japan, it is the Liberal Democratic Party, in the United States – the Republican and Democratic parties.

Suppression of opponents and justification of war? So this is an inalienable feature of all class-separated societies since ancient times.

After the anti-Soviet coup, Yeltsin’s entourage imposed Western approaches in Russia. The Communists and patriots tried to hung the stamp of the red-brown. To justify this line, in 1995, presidential decree No. 310 was signed, allegedly for the sake of the struggle – manifestations of fascism and other forms of political extremism. Soon there was a “crammed” characteristic of the concept of “Fascism,” where the emphasis was placed on the assertion of the superiority of a certain nation or race, on the denial of democracy, the suppression of political opponents and dissent.

The pro-Western liberal doctrine has been included in the curricula and many publications. This is how the fascism of the Encyclopedia of Sociology for 2009 interprets. A single textbook of the history of Russia for the 10th classes of 2023 bypasses the definition of fascism. And in the textbook on universal history, it is evaluated as an ideological current and political movement based on the desire for maximum consolidation of the nation with the help of full subordination of society to the dictatorial state.

The authors of such assessments bully political, cultural and other external signs of fascism. But they let out of the form of the social and economic factors of its appearance. Such manipulations are designed to put makeup on the Nazi monster.

The social roots of fascism are not only an “academic” question. Henry E. Turner in the book – Fascism and capitalism in Germany

We Communists will never agree with those who ignore the key fact: fascism is the product of large capital and the expressiveness of its interests. We must reopen any attempts to mask the causes that cause the Nazi evil. According to the CPRF, solidarity in this matter is one of the fundamental conditions for the creation of any alliances and coalitions with the participation of the Communists.

Fascism is a form of dominance of capital

Nationalism, totalitarian control of society, wardship, and other features of fascist dictatorships are only derivative products, a kind of superstructure over the base. In fact, fascism is the natural result of the development of Western, capitalist society.

Most comprehensible, this was expressed by the report of Georgy Dimitrov at the VII Congress of the Comintern. It emphasized that in the conditions of a sharp exacerbation of the general crisis of capitalism and the revolutionary activity of the working masses, fascism had shifted to a wide offensive. Bourgeois circles are increasingly seeking salvation in fascism in order to rob the workers, foment war, attack the Soviet Union, enslave China and prevent revolution.

“Imperialist circles,” – noted G. Dimitrov, they are trying to shift the severity of the crisis on the shoulders of the working people. They need fascism for that. They try to solve the problem of the market by enslaving the weak peoples, increasing colonial domination and reshuffling the world through war. They need fascism for that. They seek to outstrip the forces of the revolution by defeating the revolutionary movement of the workers and peasants and the military attack on the Soviet Union – the stronghold of the world proletariat. To do this, they need fascism.

Fascism is an open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, the most chauvinistic and most imperialist elements of financial capital.

Thus, fascism became the reaction of the major bourgeoisie to the deepening of the crisis of capitalism. Saving its system from destruction, capital discards democracy and turns to terror, reinforcing it with demagoguery. To deceive the workers, fascism uses pseudo-socialist slogans. With the help of nationalism and social demagoguery, it mobilizes a part of the population in the interests of the exploiting system. Its main mass base is the middle strata of capitalist society.

The populist disguise of fascism was exposed by the French writer-communist Henri Barbus: Fascisms differ only in appearance; in essence, they are all the same. Their doctrine, which recruits adherents among the youth, the petty bourgeoisie and the ecclesiastical flock, is only old capitalism, only embedded and re-extent. Fascism remains and will forever remain only a lacquer on disgusting junk.

Fascism became a natural form of the development of capitalism at the stage of imperialism. ЛенинPolitically, imperialism is generally the desire for violence and for reaction … Free competition is in line with democracy. Monopoly is in line with the political reaction.

The higher the concentration of capital, the already ruling class. Power is concentrated in the hands of a bunch of representatives of financial capital. Conditions are being formed for the establishment of control over the state and society by aggressive oligarchic groups.

The transition to imperialism was accompanied by an increase in the uneven economic development. The bourgeoisie of the “behind” countries sought to rely on the support of the state to confront the countries of “old capitalism,” which created their colonial empires. The struggle for “place under the sun” and the fear of the labour movement led to the increase in militarism and authoritarian aspirations of the ruling classes. The atmosphere of chauvinistic carbon monoxide was escalated. Staff were recruited for fascist organizations.

The cultural and ideological roots of fascism also grew from the early stages of capitalism. The idea of white supremacy justified colonial seizures, indigenous genocide and slave trade. The inhabitants of the colonies were seen as incomplete creatures. Human rights were not covered.

Thus, the basis for the mass chasing of the Indian tribes in the reservation was the 1825 Supreme Court of the United States – the opening. The ownership of the land was secured by those who opened it. For the years the Indians who lived there were deprived of this right.

Racism was trying to justify. Thomas Carlyle in the essay – The question of the blacks lathes – lamented that the Niggers are the only “bonus” of the colored races that do not die when confronted with a white man. In his opinion, God appointed the fate of being the slaves of those who were born of their masters. Fighters for the abolition of slavery, Carlyle angrily called the Unions of protection of the scoundrels.

The ideologue of British imperialism C also operated with omnibus-the-world myths. Rhodes. Rhodes. God wants the dominance of the Anglo-Saxon race and needs to be helped. The best race worthy of world domination, he argued.

The British Empire of the 19th century was set as an example to the Germans by Hitler in the book “Mein Kampf.” The racial doctrine of fascist Germany was largely based on the works of the Englishman Houston Chamberlain. Goebbels called him the father of our spirit.

Capital did not just use fascist organizations. He literally puckered them, cherishing them. Since its inception, the Nazi Party of Germany has received generous donations – many times larger than other political forces.

The rate of reaction was not accidental. Contrary to terror, despite the assassination of the leaders of the German proletariat, Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, the workers” movement in Germany has been growing. The country survived the proclamation of the Bavarian Soviet Republic, a series of general strikes, the Hamburg Uprising. For the prospect of the proletarian revolution, capital was supported by Nazism.

In 1922, a group of industrialists who bet on Hitler was formed in Bavaria. Among them is X. Aust, A. Pitch, H. Brookman, von Muffey. At the same time, funding the Nazis from abroad begins. The NSDAP received large funds from the United States from Henry Ford. The Nazi leader called Ford his inspirer. His portrait was in Hitler’s Munich residence. In 1938, Ford was awarded the Great Cross of the German Eagle, the highest order of the Third Reich for foreigners.

The list of sponsors of the fascists grew rapidly. It was replenished by tycoons von Borzig and F. Thyssen. Thyssen. The Rhine-Westphalian Coal Syndicate began to deduct the Nazis from the sale of every ton of coal. One of the leaders of the concern SKI.G. Farbenindustry B. Kepler in 1928 organized Hitler’s meeting with 650 industrialists in Heidelberg.

Hitler had no prospects without the support of the German tycoons F. Thyssen, G. Krupa, I. The schacht. Hundreds of other representatives of the ruling class financed the fascist party, provided it with the support of the monopolies, the generals and the Reichsws. Since the first years, the NSDAP among its supporters was a member of the board of the German Bank von Staus. The support of the Hitlerites was provided by the major bankers Schacht, von Stein, Fisher, von Schroeder, Reinart and others.

The British-Dutch oil king Shell also played a bad role. It’s Deterding. This bare-faced anti-communist supported the far-right in different countries, including the emigrant organizations of the Russian White Guards. From 1921, Deterding generously sponsored the Nazis. In 1930, the Fuehrer received a significant amount from the English Lord Rotemir. At the end of 1934, the British bank gave the German Reichsbank a loan of 750,000 pounds.

Hitler’s power was preceded by his meeting with the major magnate on 20 February 1933. There were prominent bankers, heads of Krupp’s concerns, Siemens, AEG, I.G. Farbenindustry. Hitler’s plans to eliminate the remnants of democracy have found full support. The fascists received an additional 3 million marks. Exactly a week later, the Reichstag came in, and political massacres began.

The fascist dictatorship was established with the favor of the Western powers.

Hitler violated the restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles. He stopped reparations and began to increase the military industry. In 1935, the German armed forces were established. A general conscription is introduced. The Army reaches 500,000. Hitler began to expand the living space. Germany’s main suppliers during this period are the United States and Britain. They exempted Berlin from payments on debts, provided loans, and supplied copper ore and other strategic raw materials.

Western companies helped Hitler establish military production. The British concern “Vikkers” was involved in the construction of the German submarine fleet. It was not without Anglo-American participation the creation of the Air Force of the Third Reich. Berlin was sold armor-piercing British shells for naval artillery and other weapons. It is no coincidence that the similarity of this situation with the modern supplies of weapons to the West for the Nazi Bandera regime in Ukraine is said.

With the beginning of the world massacre, gold looted by the Hitlerites was received in the vaults of the Swiss National Bank and there was turning to the currency needed by the Third Reich. Behind the facade of democratic societies, the financial oligarchy manipulated the drive belts of the universe tragedy. The ruins of Warsaw and Kiev, Minsk and Coventry, Stalingrad and Rotterdam, the death and destruction that sowed the fascist Faoui, the barbaric atrocities of the Nazis, their souls in Dachau, Auschwitz, Treblinka – directly involved the monopolies of the United States and other “democracy.” In the chasing profit, the owners of trusts and financial collaborators until the end of World War II secretly cooperated with the Reich through front companies and neutral countries.

In Italy the period 1919-1920. It’s called the Red Centenary. The country was hit by an unprecedented strike movement. Metallurgists, miners, machine builders, railway workers, textile workers unleashed a struggle for an 8-hour day, for improving conditions and wages. The creation of factory councils and the occupation of workers of enterprises began. In the fight for the land actively involved laborers, users, tenants. Under their pressure in September 1919, the Visokka law handed over to the peasants and agrarian cooperatives part of the lands of large latifundists.

The employers were in anger and found a strong hand. Mussolini’s communications with the monopolies refer to the First World War. In 1914, it was financed by French and English capital, and the future Duce agitated for Italy’s entry into the war on the side of the Entente. It was funded by the “Edison” groups, Ansaldo, FIAT, the weapons factories of Paroli, the largest banks and the union of sugar farmers.

The fascists” coming to power in Italy was welcomed in the ruling and business circles of the United States. Italy has allocated more loans, turning a blind eye to territorial seizures. In 1925-1928, the United States provided Italy with 22 loans worth $317 million, and even more in 1929. In terms of direct investment, Italy took the fourth place in Europe after the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

The symbiosis of “liberal democracy” and fascism found continuation after the end of World War II. The Americans and the British saved many Nazi criminals. Many of the Hitlerites moved to the service of the United States and participated in the creation of NATO. Head of the 12th (intelligence) department of the Wehrmacht General Staff, General R. Helen not only escaped punishment, but also became the founder of the intelligence service of the Federal Republic of Germany – BND.

Former head of the German Army Group, Lieutenant General X. Speidel served as the head of the Department of the Armed Forces of the Ministry of Defense of Germany. He then became commander of the NATO United Army in Central Europe.

General A. Heisinger, responsible for the atrocities on the territory of the USSR, reached the chairman of the NATO military committee.

The Nazis and collaborators were recruited for an information war against the USSR. The announcer of Radio Svoboda, Igor Glasenap, was the head of the Hitler police in the village of Gremyachye, and then reached the SS officer. Another employee of the radio station Sultan Tarif participated in the execution of the poet-anti-fascist Musa Jalil. The editor of the European service “Radio Liberty” Imrich Krujlyak was an employee of the Gestapo and headed the propaganda department of the fascist government of Slovakia.

Without recognition of the ancestral connection with capitalism, it is impossible to give an objective analysis of fascism. Today’s situation is increasingly conducive to the revival of Nazism. The path to strengthening the far-right organizations and their conquest of power is being paved. The reason is that capitalism has entered the most acute crisis in 100 years. This is caused by two main factors.

First, it is undermining Euro-Atlantic hegemony. The West is rapidly losing the position of the only capitalist center capable of dictating its will to everyone else. The unevenness of economic and political development is the unconditional law of capitalism. The economies of a number of non-Western countries are growing. The share of BRICS countries in world GDP at purchasing power parity increased to 35% and exceeded the share of the G7. Even higher is the contribution of the BRICS countries to global production – 37%.

China’s economy has overtaken the U.S. in purchasing power parity. In the next 10 years, it could become the largest in the world and by ordinary GDP. In terms of growth, China is outpacing the US. The yan continues to strengthen.

The situation is changing. More and more countries are not ready to submit to the dictates of Western capital. In the pursuit of true independence, the peoples of Latin America and Asia are catching up to African countries. The United States and the European Union, especially France, received splepox from Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger. From these countries, pro-Western regimes were expelled and foreign military contingents were thrown at the door.

Millions of people reject imperialism and its bloody crimes. Protests against the Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people are rushing. The countries demand the lifting of the blockade from Cuba and confirm the principle of “one China.” The West failed to merge a global front against Russia. The peoples of the world do not want to be pawns in other people’s games and sacrifice their interests.

Secondly, dissatisfaction in the Western countries themselves is growing. There is also a growing sympathy for socialism. According to polls, in the US presidential election, a record number of voters want to vote for the third of candidates not associated with Republicans and Democrats. In the U.S. – the citadel of capitalism – only 49% of the population aged 18 to 34 support the capitalist system. 51% admit that they have a positive attitude towards socialism. Almost a third are critical of the institution of private property.

The record was the scope of the strike movement. Last year, there were 470 strikes in the United States with 539,000 participants. This is 141% more than a year earlier. That’s the maximum since the beginning of the century. Among the latest performances are teacher strikes in Michigan and Minnesota, bus drivers in Missouri, breweries in Texas, forest processing factories in West Virginia. People demand higher salaries, stable insurance deductions, reduced load.

There have been so many strikes in the UK since the 1980s. In February-April last year, the protests were the largest in all time of their accounting, that is, since 1931.

It’s not surprising. Workers are in the interest of capital on the weaning of rights and guarantees. In the United States, after the abolition of the “pand-demandic benefits” poverty levels jumped from 7.8 to 12.4 percent. One in five EU residents face a threat of poverty. The number of poor British people increased from 1.5 to 3.8 million in five years. Indicators of real inequality in Europe have rolled back for eight decades.

Capitalism and poverty is commons with the world. Chronic hunger affects more than 800 million people. 282 million of them are balancing on the verge of starvation. The worst situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen. The connection with capitalism is direct.

According to Oxfam, half of the world’s wealth created over the past 10 years has appropriated 1% of the wealthiest. Over the past 3 years, this share has increased to 63%. Almost a third of the wealth gets to the next 9% of the lucky ones. As a result, nine-tenths of the inhabitants of the Earth are content with a modest 10% increase in global assets. It is not a pandemic or a grain crisis, but capitalism, which bears inequality, is the main cause of a steady mass impairment.

According to Chinese analysts, the number of dollar billionaires in the world has grown by 167 people over the past year. Their total wealth increased by 9%. The most active wealth of billionaires from the financial sector (+10%), working with consumer goods (+8%), food and beverages (+7%) and real estate (+7%).

It is not necessary to talk about the incredible talents of these people. Except that they are distinguished by the elant of immorality. So, the richest businessmen – Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk – give as taxes, respectively, 1% and 3.3% of their income. This is the result of the emblage of capital and power. 11% of billionaires hold or fight for political positions in the recent past. Donald Trump became the first dollar billionaire in the post of President of the United States. Macron worked as an investment banker in the Rothschild Empire. Rishi Sunak is the richest prime minister in British history.

Turning big business into a closed caste is becoming more obvious. The increase in the fortune of billionaires over the past year has more than half occurred at the expense of the received inheritances.

It is estimated that even a small increase in the tax on the fortunes of the super-rich will bring billions of people out of poverty. However, the neoliberal guidelines of the authorities do not allow this to be done. According to the magazine Lancet (USA), at least 100 million people annually replenish the ranks of the poor due to the lack of development of state medicine. Of the funds requested for the World Food Programme for the United Nations, less than half were received. Capital and its governments have different priorities.

The Brown Wave and the Need to Mobilize the Left

Comrades! The global demand for change is clear. Humanity is not ready to put up with a system that condemns it to veil and degradation, threatens nuclear war. Global capital is taking steps to strengthen its power, to prevent its death.

At the XV Congress of the CPRF, we gave an assessment of how the bourgeoisie reacts to the crisis. The imperialists are strengthening the concentration of economic and political power in the hands of the largest financial and economic groups. The power of large monopolies and their influence on the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO, NATO and other supranational structures are growing. The interests of the globalists are promoted by the Davos Forum, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Club and other similar centers. Increasing the fusion of capital with the institutions of power. At the disposal of the largest companies, the growing repressive apparatus of the strongest states. Imperialism is reinforcing the policy of neo-colonialism.

Time confirmed the analysis of our party congress. With the fall of the rate of profit, capital struggles with increased exploitation, growth in speculation, military adventures. World predators are also capable of a global military conflict.  The West organized a coup in Ukraine and provoked a bloody conflict in the Donbass. The situation in the Asia-Pacific region is complicated. The situation in the Middle East has escalated. There are many hotspots on the African continent. Capital increasingly encourages neo-fascist methods in both the foreign and domestic policies of the bourgeois states.

Contradictions in the world are escalating against the backdrop of the schism of the Western bourgeoisie into two factions: “globalist and “nationalist.” But in the resuscitation of fascism, both are marrousal. The Globalists continue to parasitize the ideas of democracy and human rights. But that doesn’t stop them from supporting neo-Nazis on the “periphery.” Ukraine is a clear proof of this.

The second camp of the bourgeoisie speculates on the topic of “the violation of traditional values” and actively uses the enemy. Immigrants and other “outsiders” are recorded in the enemy. The anti-immigrant rhetoric of Trump, the Spanish party “Vax,” “Alternatives for Germany,” Portuguese, and many others.

Both currents express the interests of financial empires. They try to contain the growth of the labor movement and rely on cave, lane anti-communism. In the fight against China, Western elites are emphasizing that their enemy is the Communist Party. In 2019 The U.S. Analytical Centers close to the White House have set up the Committee on the Present Danger: China. Its participants emphasize: There is no hope for coexistence with China while the Communist Party is in power.

Despite the change of administrations, Washington is strengthening the anti-Chinese course. It is enshrined in the U.S. National Security Strategy. The Western oligarchy considers the success in the development of the PRC as the main threat of its hegemony. Beijing is accused of almost genocide of the Muslim population, of violating the rights of the people of Hong Kong and Tibet. AUKUS block is being created for the encirclement of China. The situation around Taiwan is escalating. The hostility to the PRC is heated in every possible way in Japan, in the Philippines, in other countries. Through the economic war, China is trying to deprive modern technology.

Trump attacked China directly, imposing sanctions, punitive duties and other measures on behalf of the United States. Biden’s team bet on the coalitions. In addition to the AUKUS block, the U.S.-Wirch-Way-South Korea is being formed. The second wind was given to the Four-way Security Dialogue (QUAD).

Global capital thinks of terms of dominance. Therefore, in promoting American interests, the US political elite stands in solidarity, regardless of party disagreements. Her interest is seen everywhere, whether it is the wars in Syria or Yemen, the tragedy of Donbass, the Umbrellas revolution in Hong Kong, the conflicts in the Middle East.

Over the past 10 years, Washington has resolutely increased its debt. Only to launch a Bandera project in Ukraine, the White House spent $5 billion by the end of 2013. Unleashing wars, U.S. strategists expect to solve the accumulated internal problems. The instrument in the hands of the American imperialists remains fascism.

There are more and more signs that the leading capitalist powers are on the verge of establishing right-wing dictatorships. One will accept the language of hatred. The same Trump seriously says that the influx of migrants into the United States is the result of a conspiracy by the Communist Party of China and Latin American governments. They bring crime and disease. They’re rapists. They are poisoning our country’s blood, Trump incites and promises the largest deportation in history.

The supporters of the left’s views should also be. The Trump team’s brain center – the “Herit) Foundation – has prepared a plan to cleanse the state bodies and the education system from “debate” persons. The former president himself promises to dissolve the Ministry of Education, where radical fanatics and Marxists have penetrated. He regularly threatens to destroy the Communists and Socialists.

Trump has just poured out the light on the talks between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping in China. In his opinion, this meeting threatens the very existence of the United States.

In Florida, the stronghold of the Republicans, Governor Ron Desantis signed three education bills in 2021. The curriculum includes a course on the “thin of communism.” In the state schools, now without coursework on the topic – Day of victims of communism – you can not get a certificate. Already this year, Desantis ordered to tell the children about the “eat of communism,” starting with the kindergarten. Recently, this Mr. called for repression against the participants of the pro-Palestinian actions. He threatened the students with the deduction, and the teachers – dismissal.

Anti-communism is habitually coexisting with the whitewashing of fascist dictatorships. The Spanish Vox party stands for Franco’s rehabilitation and organizes actions in memory of the Blue Division, which fought on Hitler’s side against our country.

The Portuguese-Chega increased representation in the country’s parliament from 12 to 50 seats. It unites fans of the Salazar regime and demands that the mention of socialism be excluded from the country’s Constitution.

The authorities of Hungary contribute to the establishment of monuments to the Nazi hustodian M. It’s Horty. Prime Minister V. Orban called him an exceptional statesman.

Increases the influence of the right “Alternative for Germany.” There is also a neo-fascist National Democratic Party. From time to time, there are calls to put an end to the policy of repentance for the crimes of fascism, not to portray Hitler as an absolute evil.

In Italy in 2022 came a coalition led by the Italian Brothers. This party grew from the neo-fascist organization “Italian social movement,” created by former Mussolini regime figures. The current Prime Minister of Georgia Meloni also began his career. Three years ago, the granddaughter of the fascist dictator Raquele Mussolini won the elections to the city council of Rome. And this year, the country’s Supreme Court ruled that fascist greeting is not a crime and can be freely used at rallies.

The first persons are bolder to claim their beliefs. The speaker of the Senate of the Intazio La Russa proudly admits that he keeps the bust of Mussolini at home and calls the worst racism – the ideological racism of the left against the Italians. If earlier, the speaker adds, the left forced people to believe Stalin, today they criticize opponents of immigration and the Islam threat.

As a hundred years ago, the far-right forces are the “boy” detachment of large capital. Most often, as supporters of extreme neoliberal policy, they advocate for the reduction of corporate taxes, the elimination of labor rights, the restriction of the powers of trade unions.

In Italy, Meloni’s government, coming to power, began an attack on the workers. Thus, according to the plan of the pension reform, benefits will be available to citizens who made contributions for at least 41 years.

The solidarity position of the far-right in support of Israel’s atrocities is also characteristic. The Hungarian government, Vox, Chega and other forces, supported his actions. Anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic rhetoric is designed to shift attention from the class causes of the crisis to ethnic, to disunice the workers, to bring capital and its orders from under attack.

A kind of review of the forces of the “brown international” was held in Hungary under the sign of the International Conference of Conservative Political Actions. Almost 500 delegates attended. Among them are the leaders of the Dutch Freedom Party, the Spanish Vox, the Belgian party “Flemish interest,” the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia, the Polish party “Law and justice” and others.

It will be a mistake to believe that the revival of fascism is an exclusively Western phenomenon. Such trends are also common in other countries. The influence of the far-right in Latin America is growing. Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro admired the military dictatorship, called the underhuman blacks and Indians, called the Communists to be destroyed. The same way is the head of Argentina Javier Miley. The country’s attorney general was Rodolfo Barra. In his youth, he was an activist of the neo-fascist group responsible for attacks and murders. Vice President Victoria Villarruel – bows to the military dictatorship of 1976-1983, which saved the country from “Communist terrorists.” In Chile, the far-right Republican Party is gaining popularity. Its founder, Jose Antonio Cast, the son of an officer of the Wehrmacht who fled to Chile and the brother of a prominent figure of the dictator Pinochet, declares that now, as half a century ago, there is a struggle between freedom and communism.

In India, the role of state ideology is claimed by Hindutwa – the Hindu Exclusiveity Movement. Its adherents call Islam and Christianity “alien” religions “induced by the invaders,” demanding their eradication. Active anti-Muslim policy is manifested in the demolition of mosques and even physical repulsions.

One of the ideologues of Hindu nationalism Vinayak Savarkar admired Hitler. Similar figures in today’s India are placed in the place of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, who are accused of concessions to China and the “the abded-bies-communist.” The recent opening of the new parliament building coincided with the 140th anniversary of Savarkar’s birth.

Indian nationalists are calling for the restoration of a “great homeland.” It includes Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chinese Tibet, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal and a number of other countries. Anti-Chinese sentiments are heated. Rum Navami – Hindu processions in the areas of residence of adherents of other religions – are accompanied by attacks on temples and clashes.

The XXIII Congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) noted that by inciting religious contradictions, the ruling class is trying to distract people from the crisis and undermine the solidarity of the workers. The Congress stressed that the ruling party is strengthening power with the help of nationalist, hurrah-patriotic demagoguery and intercommunal polarization. Under this cover, there is a plunder of national wealth, the legalization of clan capitalism, corruption and authoritarianism.

A distinctive feature of many growing “polyus” – strengthening of nationalist currents. They are often in religious form. Often there is a game of patriotic feelings through calls to “restoration of former greatness” and “protection of traditional values.” The image of the enemy inside and outside the country is created.

For the screen of the struggle for the idea of a nation, the pragmatic motifs of the “national bourgeoisie” are often hidden. A number of challenges are solved through nationalism. First, it is justified to achieve greater independence from the Old Capitalist centers. Secondly, a blow is being struck at the comprador part of its own bourgeois elite, which is looking at the West. Thirdly, the protest movement is being suppressed. Workers are distracted from the struggle for their interests by the ideological surrogates about the “great future of the nation.” Those who still dare to stand up for the protection of the rights of workers are stigmatized as traitors of national interests. National capital seeks unlimited influence within the country.

The left is called upon to draw important conclusions. The concept of a multipolar world gave rise to the belief that the weakening of the West would automatically lead to a just world order. Yes, the weakening of the imperial claims of the United States gives progressive forces new opportunities. But a just world will not arise in itself. There will be a serious fight for him. Moreover, the multipolar world of warring nationalisms would conceal new threats. In order to build a secure and just peace, the Communist and workers” parties are obliged to strengthen their strength, solidarity and loyalty to the principles.

As for the globalist capital, his appeal to reaction and inopasism has yet another fundamental reason. This was the result of the war he lost on the intellectual front. Today you will not hear from U.S. leaders of assessments equal in the honesty and depth of Kennedy’s conclusions. The more they give in the struggle to the ideas, the higher their temptation to solve the question by force.

All the bourgeois concepts of the last time have been futile. Today it is quite obvious that the destruction of the USSR did not mean the end of the history proclaimed by the F. The Fukuyama. There was no “clarification of civilizations” that he foretold C. Huntington. Both the bourgeois philosophers were embarrassed. Russia, which has developed for centuries in a common cultural context with Europe, has refused to keep up with the current West. Together with China, it opposes the contenders for world domination.

Especially characteristic here is the symbolism of BRICS. The countries that formed the basis of the unification: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africarepresent completely different national and cultural, civilizational traditions. But they are not fighting in a deadly battle, but are increasingly getting closer to a just world.

Thus, the other bourgeois concepts that claimed to explain – did not stand the test of time.

The main faults of our time are not on civilizational lines, but on issues of justice. Consequently, in the analysis of the processes and phenomena of the modern world, the Marxist-Leninist methodology reaffirms its accuracy and fruitfulness. Other approaches, methods, methods of assessing the situation either discredited themselves or can only be used as an auxiliary.

Some of the bourgeois concepts predict a frank degradation to mankind. So, the idea of the evolution of mankind with the transition to the “New Middle Ages” was put forward. These ideas were queued after the 1973 edition of Roberto Wakki’s essay – the nearest medieval future. The discussion was supported by Umberth Eco with his essay – the Middle Ages have already begun and John Nicholas Gray in the work of the Enlightenment.

For the world oligarchy, it is obvious that the transition to the “New Middle Ages” involves a sharp reduction in the number of mankind. Specific options and tools for such a transition are discussed. Characteristic signs of this doctrine are cave nationalism, anti-communism and anti-Sovietism.

In the late 1980s, the book by Jacques Attali was published – New Nomads. In it, the “simple citizens of the world” were asked to turn into a biomass wandering the Earth in search, where it is more sental. Then the words of the golden billion were said. The United States was effectively given the right to punish and mile the inhabitants of the planet, to impose their values and way of life.

From such ideas remains half a step to a new separation of people with the allocation of the mass of “unhuman.” And this has always served as a justification for terror, torment, mass murder and monstrous experiments. And today we are already seeing the genocide of the Palestinians, the U.S. biolaboratories around the world, and the unwillingness of Western governments to support the poorest countries during periods of mass epidemics.

We also see how the Bandera shval declares the subhumans of the residents of Donbass. What do the politicians of the West answer to this? First, they actively support this Nazi regime. Secondly, they say that the genocide of the Russians in the Donbass is ridiculous. And, thirdly, they themselves are ready to participate in the “the cancellation of Russian culture.”

To mount the front of anti-fascist forces in Russia

After the events in New York on 11 September 2001, there was a lot of speculation on the topics of the world’s racial, ethnic, religious confrontation, the beginning of the “theft of civilizations.” However, even then, based on the principles of analysis of our party, in the book – Globalization and the fate of mankind – we were able to reveal and show that all this is only a smokescreen. It is used by the creators of the “New World Order” for the following tasks:

– To get building the world in the “pirami of submission.” At the top of it will be the United States, next to it – their allies, and at the bottom – the states of the third world. There will also be vehiby Russia, Ukraine, the republics of the Transcaucasia, and Central Asia, other post-Soviet countries.

– Create a supnational power structure subordinate to the United States. The authorities, in fact dictatorial, hostile to billions of people on the planet.

– Install control over world sources of energy and raw materials. To subdestise the financial system and thereby take over the entire economy of the planet.

– To carry out the military defeat of countries trying to defend their national and state interests. Deal with leaders who oppose American hegemony.

– Strictly monitor information flows. Put your value system in the world. Suppress all dissidents under the pretext of assimilar to their terrorists.

– Completely and definitively block Russia as a force capable of countering such plans. To do this, including at the expense of the military presence of NATO on the territory of the former republics of the USSR.

At the same time, the imperialist globalization is the struggle for enslavement, the division and redistribution of the world, its resources. This is the struggle of the united imperialism against the world periphery, the struggle of various imperialist groups among themselves.

It’s been over 20 years. The right to those assessments has been confirmed. Capitalism degrades and carries decay in everything: in the economy, in social life, in culture and ideology. Any mimicry of imperialism cannot change its essence. The division of the world along the axis of the rich North – the poorer South – for a time weakened the conflict between proletarians and exploiters within the Western countries. But, having learned to extinguish the contradictions at the national level, capitalism only gives them a global character.

The postponement of the transition to socialism in individual countries brings socialist changes of world scale closer. There is not a smoothing of the contradictions of monopoly capitalism, but their globalization and exacerbation on the planetary level.

Global trends are also manifesting themselves in Russia. We must take the strongest possible attitude to the strengthening of the right-wing trends in our country. These are not accidental incidents or intristencies of individuals, but a deep pattern in the development of capitalism. The interests of the bourgeois class make themselves known.

First, part of the Russian capital seeks autonomy from the West and wants to occupy the world’s “unis” in the form of its own zone of influence.

Secondly, the fear of left-wing, pro-Soviet sentiments in Russian society is affected. They prevent home-ingrown capital from establishing a “classical” system of operation in our country and completely seize all the social conquests of the Soviet era.

Third, the weakness of the raw material model of Russian capitalism forces the ruling class to actively maneuver, pursuing a policy of Bonapartism. He would like to make the situation simple. He would be happy to replace the methods of political manipulation of the strict administrative and police department.

The possibilities of parasitizing in the Soviet era for the bourgeois circles are limited. Yes, they have learned to separate the form from the content and speculate on the Great Victory, the conquest of the cosmos and other victories. But, eroping their essence, they persistently forget that these victories guaranteed socialism and Soviet power. However, even the gorgeous truth of the maiming beats the oligarchic circles. On the one hand, people compare the past era with the current one and the result is not in favor of the latter. On the other hand, deliberate attempts to forget or denigrate the role of socialism, the Communists, Lenin and Stalin cause dissatisfaction of true patriots.

The reasons for the dual attitude to the Soviet era are contained in the class character of power. Hence the drapas of Lenin’s mausoleum, and the Yeltsin Center, and monuments to the red and skewers. The roots should be sought into the survivability of the heritage of the “Lash” nineties, with which our party led and conducts a firm and consistent struggle.

In August 2006, the CPRF issued a Memorandum “On the Tasks of Struggle Against Imperialism and the Need for International Condemning Its Crimes.” This was our response to the reactionaries in PACE and the Council of Europe, who furiously promoted the idea of condemning the totalitarian regimes. Thus, they are trying to equalize the Soviet Union and Hitler’s Germany. Let’s just say, not all Russian parties came from a principled position at that time.

Moreover, even after the bombing of the United States and its satellites by Yugoslavia, our country was intrusively drawn into a partnership – Russia – NATO. This turned out to be attempts to conduct joint exercises in the Nizhny Novgorod region and the creation of a NATO air base near Ulyanovsk. The active protest of the CPRF and our allies put an end to these dangerous plans.

Attempts to tie Russia into the chariot of the American military were paired with the strange initiatives of the “party of power.” We had to turn the fight against the attempts of United Russia Sigutkin to re-arrange the Banner of Victory, “Mourage the sickle and hammer.” It took several years to bring back the Day of Victory over militaristic Japan to the number of festive and memorable dates. Only now the situation with the textbooks is beginning to improve. But at a round table in the State Duma, we proved that a single textbook of history needs to be improved further.

In the ruling circles, it is enough to free themselves from the need to flirt with the Soviet past. For their legitimation, they are looking for other sources. For these purposes, they are trying to adapt the tsarist era, the White Guards and the ideas of authors such as Ilyin.

We, the Communists, insist: this is the path of surrender, the way to a dead end, to the destruction of the country from within. Eventually, tsarist Russia collapsed due to social contradictions and under the burden of war for the interests of other people’s capital. To take it as a model is to ignore the consequences of subordination of the country to foreign capital, to justify the split between the power and the people, to agree with the prospect of total disposition and final destruction.

In this regard, we reaffirm the importance of the programmatic position of the CPRF: the patriotic tasks of strengthening Russia and the socialist prospects of the country coincide.

We insist that to praise the White Army is to approve the collusion of its generals with foreign interventionists. To be proclaiming the Teachers of the nation Ilyin, Shmelyov and Solzhenitsyn is to justify the forces of national betrayal. All this together means the betrayal of the centuries-old path of our people. The search for the advanced part of Russian society has always been accompanied by a thirst for truth and justice. Suffice it to recall these people: Radishchev and Novikov, Pushkin and Pushchin, Herzen and Ogarev, Belinsky and Chernyshevsky, Petrashevskiy and Tyutchev, Turgenev and Nekrasov, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, Gorky and Mayakovsky, Block and Yesenin. We consider any attempts to replace the fundamental folk-democratic tradition as alien concepts to it as vicious.

An indecent occupation is to turn people into gurus, who, in their hatred for the working people, who abandoned the yo of the king, the landowners and capitalists, turned to fascism. This connection was not accidental.

In 1931, in Harbin, the White immigrants formed the All-Russian Fascist Party. Its branches were established in Europe, Latin America, the United States, Canada. The party was distinguished by ardent anti-communism, admiration for the fascists and cooperation with their dictatorships for the sake of overthrowing Soviet power. Leader of Party K. Rhodesaevsky praised Mussolini and Hitler and proclaimed that the next volst of fascism should be Russia.

It was the largest organization of the Russian abroad. Since 1936, she tried to organize subversive actions in the USSR. Head of the German branch of Party C. Ivanov established close contacts with the Abwehr. With the outbreak of the war, it was sent to Soviet territory, where with other immigrants he formed from prisoners of war the Russian National People’s Army – the predecessor of the Wlasov ROA.

The most famous ideologue of Russian fascism was Ivan Ilyin. He enthusiastically took the rise to power of the fascists in Italy, and then in Germany. In May 1933, in an article by National Socialism. The new spirit – he wrote: What is happening in Germany is a huge political and social upheaval … What did Hitler do? He stopped the process of Bolshevization in Germany and rendered this the greatest service to the whole of Europe … While Mussolini leads Italy, and Hitler leads Germany – European culture is given a postponement. Even after the defeat of the Hitlerites, Ilyin stated that fascism was right, and the temporary defeat was due to the error.

The popularization of this figure in Russia is on the same patterns as the rehabilitation of the Bandera and his accomplices in Ukraine. They were also declared fighter for Ukrainian independence and the Ukrainian spirit. It was also said that they fought with Hitler and the Councils.

For the whitewash of Ilyin, the fact that in 1938 he left Germany for Switzerland is used. Yes, I left, but I didn’t change my mind. He continued pro-Nazi and anti-communist journalistic activities. Despite this, a monument was opened in Yekaterinburg, and a memorial plaque was opened on the building of the Moscow State University. Since 2013, the international Ilyinsky Readings have been held. The Higher Political School named after Ilyin was established under the RSUH. There seem to be those who are ready to push the idea of national capitalism in Russian society.

The policy of the Russian authorities often duplicates the approaches already worked out by the right-wing forces of the West. To protect the interests of capital, it is customary to use the image of the enemy. The “collective West” is the role of an external threat, and for this, of course, there are all the grounds for this. There are other, more controversial topics. Near-government circles unlead the theme of “bad migrants,” focusing on their reluctance to assimilate. At the same time, the fact that the benefit of uncontrolled migration is extracted by Russian capital and criminal circles. The unrule of such a workforce reduces wages for both foreign and Russian workers. The lack of sustainable employment creates a breeding ground for the activities of criminal groups. An effective system of integration of migrants into the Russian cultural space has not been created.

The next contender for the image of the inner enemy is the left-wing force. Given the strong pro-Soviet sentiments of citizens, the authorities are not resolved to act in the “Inchrap.” But step by step they are trying to form a negative image of the Communists. This is the answer to the question, why the authorities need the authorities “Yeltsin-center,” glorification of Ilyin, the monuments to Krasnov and Kolchak and other “strange.”

The best response to attempts to distort our ideas and our political line is the active work to achieve the CPRF programmatic tasks. The most important direction of our activities is the cohesion of anti-fascist forces in the fight against imperialism, reaction and military threat.

Experience of the party: to know, to be proud, to spread

Dear comrades! An important condition for the formation of a solid anti-fascist position is the properly built educational, educational, civil-patriotic work. Many CPRF offices are actively involved in this great work.

Our party has always and at all levels strongly condemned attempts to seize educational tasks from educational programs. We strongly opposed attempts to substitute for the education of citizenship and patriotism, morality and high aesthetic feelings by educating a qualified consumer.

The open battle with neo-fascists was not abolished, but in a new way unfolded the battle for the minds and souls of people. Despite the patriotic oaths that have become fashionable at all levels of power, the truly patriotic oaths are still far away. This requires us to continue to struggle, in every way contributing to the growth of civil consciousness. Our comrades on the ground by their affairs increase the ideological and moral values so necessary for the people to win the battle with neo-na Nazism.

The key condition for the formation of firm anti-fascist views is the fight against anti-Sovietism. A special part of this patriotic work – preservation of the memory of the Great Patriotic War, exposure of distortions of history, memorial activity.

Opposing the historical falsifications of the CPRF, our youth and women’s movements held a lot of seminars, exhibitions, round tables, scientific and practical conferences. They were devoted to the socialist revolution, V.I. Lenin and I.V. Stalin, the fighters for the Soviet power, folk heroism in the years of the battle with fascism, the cosmic triumph of the USSR, our glorious Komsomol and pioneers.

The matter of honor was for us the revival of the symbols of the Soviet era, destroyed by the Bandera regime on the territory of Donbass, in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. With the active participation of the CPRF committees, more than 20 monuments of V.I. To Lenin. Such work was carried out in Genichesk, Melitopol, Lisichansk, Melovo and other settlements liberated from the armed formations of the Kiev junta. These efforts became an important part of the long-standing struggle of the CPRF for recognizing the outstanding role of V.I. Lenin and I.V. Stalin in the history of our country.

Communists and Komsomols of Moscow and the Moscow region cooperate with the Leninsky Museum-Reserve, hold Saturdays, conferences and meetings. Cooperation with Lenin’s museums is carried out in Ulyanovsk, Kazan, Samara. Listeners of the Center for Political Studies get acquainted with the exposition of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War on Poklonnaya Mountain.

With us, more and more people are in favor of the return of the legendary citadel on the Volga. The leading role in the public committee of the Volgograd region is played by members of the Communist Party and the allies of our party. The Lenin Komsomol faction in the youth parliament at the Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region took the initiative to name one of the streets of Kirov Stalingrad. The idea was widely supported. The City Council is working on it. It is essential to support this work everywhere.

In the Nizhny Novgorod region on the territory of the city district of Bor there is a monument to I.V. Stalin, work is underway to create a cultural and educational “Stalin-Center.” In Vladimir, a fund is established, the task of which is to protect the memory of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and raise funds for the creation of a memorial to him. The bust of the generalissimo was opened to Stalin in the courtyard of the museum in the Rivne of the Saratov region. Communist deputies initiated the restoration of the monument to Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya in Saratov.

The subject of constant concern of our comrades is memorable places associated with the history of the Great Patriotic War. In North Ossetia-Alania, in honor of the 80th anniversary of the end of the battle for the Caucasus near the village of Elkhotovo, the CPRF opened the Alle of the Glory of 12 busts of Heroes of the Soviet Union.

As part of the patriotic project, the soldiers of the Great Victory! The party members of Kalmykia in the places of fierce battles installed granite plates with names of more than 2.5 thousand. Soviet soldiers.

Over the past two years, the Communists and supporters of the Communist Party have created, restored and reconstructed more than 200 monuments, memorials and fraternal graves.

We continue to pay special attention to the exposure of falsifications of the Soviet past, we reveal the inadmissibility of attempts to exalt traitors and spicers. In the Penza and Samara regions, there is a struggle for the elimination of monuments and memorial signs to whites. One of the results of our struggle was that the Czech authorities stopped financing the program for the installation of monuments in Russia. In Penza, a memorial plaque was restored to those who died in the days of the revolt of the Whites.

At the initiative of the CPRF, the public of Irkutsk demands to remove the monument to the “Persailve Kolchak” monument from the city. Communists and Komsomols of the Rostov region are seeking the demolition of the statue of the Nazi hostility Krasnov in the village of Elanskaya. Efforts were successful in dismantling the bust of General Wrangel, opened on the territory of the cadet school of the Don Technical University.

As part of the action, the Soviet Komsomols of Leningrad defended the names of Soviet streets in the center of the city. Our young comrades held pickets at the embassies of the Baltic countries against the distortion of the role of the Soviet Union in World War II. Much of the work of the Komsomols are carried out on the preservation of memorable places. Today we thank all those who care for the graves of fighters for the Soviet power and defenders of the socialist Fatherland. It should be noted here the work of Komsomols of Moscow, Khakassia, Leningrad region, Belgorod, Bryansk, Ivanov, Tula, Naberezhnye Chelny.

The CPRF is a party of patriots, a party of irreconcilable struggle against neo-na Nazism and Bandera. In order to form public opinion, round tables, conferences, meetings, joint actions with veteran, defense-sports, local history, search organizations are held. Among them: “Bies” – rural libraries – (Udmurt Republic), “Gunners of the Pobediteley” (Belgorod region), “The feat of the people” and “First deed” aircrafts (Voronezh region)), “Timur and its team: XXI century” (Kursk region), “The live voice of Victory” (St. Petersburg«Город говорит о героях»Севастополь) Of particular importance is this work for the education of the younger generation.

The projects – the Banner of our Victory – and the Young Heroes of the Fatherland – allow Komsomols to work in schools. Much attention is paid to the search movement by the branches of the LKSM of the Russian Federation of Leningrad, Sevastopol, Omsk and Mordovia. In Sevastopol, the Komsomols have created a primary department at DOSAAF, military-historical games are held – the heritage of the Winners, work is underway to preserve the DosaAF airfield. In Samara, on November 7, the Komsomols take part in a parade-reconstruction. In Kursk, for the anniversary of Arkady Gaidar, a start was given to the reconstruction of the Timorese movement.

The new threats facing the people of Russia increase the role and responsibility of the people’s teacher. For more than 30 years, the search association of the “S” in the Kostroma region is headed by a member of the Communist Party of Russia Valery Nikolaevich Chigorev. Pedagogical talent and extensive experience allowed him to form a detachment of Jungs from the students of the Peter and Paul School, closely interacting with the crew of the submarine of the North Fleet.

In the Dylyukinsk secondary school of the Verkhnevylyuisky ulus under the leadership of a veteran of the party, honored teacher of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Lieutenant Colonel of the Reserve Vladimir Nikolaevich Nikolaev for more than a quarter of a century, a parachute club for students of 10-11 classes works. The children take the prize places at the competitions in military-applied sports.

Honorary citizen of the Chusovsky municipal district of the Perm region, first secretary of the CPRF district Mikhail Venediktovich Anisimov headed the development of the target Program “Patriot education of the population for 2021 .” Its military-patriotic events covered more than 4 thousand people.

The Communists –are the fighters of the political front. Each of us is called upon to live and work in such a way as to have the moral right to tell others: “Do as I.” In the conditions of the aggression of the NATO military against Russia, mass-patriotic work with citizens requires a systematic, integrated approach. A good example here is shown by the communist governors A.E. Klychkov, V.O. Konovalov, A.Yu. The Russians. Every family mobilized soldiers and volunteers, wounded and dead fighters was taken in the Orlov region under state patronage. In the Ulyanovsk region, there is a charitable fund for the Victory, which transferred to advanced equipment for more than three million rubles. The head of the X akasia participated in the delivery of tens of thousands of New Year’s gifts to Donetsk and Lugansk children.

Taking care of the needs of the front is the duty of any party leader. We thank all those who are included in the great work of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the Headquarters of the protest movement to collect aid and send humanitarian cargo columns to Donbass and Novorossiya. With the support of the party, the center of the Young Patriot is working in the Snegiry, Moscow region. Participants of its health change are the guys and girls from the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

The Communists of the Novosibirsk region held an action – Magic thread, in which residents knitted warm socks for the fighters of the Russian Army. The Kaliningrad Regional Committee of the CPRF organized a school of tactical medicine, where anyone can learn to provide first-hand care. In the building of the Belgorod regional committee of the party there is a point of collection and issuance of humanitarian aid to internally displaced persons.

Wartime mobilizes and mobilises like no other. More than fifty of our comrades joined the territorial defense units in Belgorod. Their forces formed a fourth defensive line.

Thanks to the targeted work, the participants of the SVO joined the ranks of the Communist Party in the republics: Karachay-Cherkessia, Komi, Crimea, Mordovia, Tatarstan, Chuvashia and SakhaYakutia, in the Kamchatka region, in the Voronezh, Kostroma, Novgorod and Ulyanovsk regions. Interesting experience appeared in the Omsk Communists. In the ranks of the company of the volunteer battalion, they created the primary branch of the 217 Asstor.

The moral duty of our party is to perpetuate the memory of the Communists and Komsomols who fell in battles with Bandera imperity. In Sevastopol, a street is named and a memorial plaque is installed to our Komsomol leader Alexander Cheremyonov, who was honored posthumously with the Order of Courage. In February March of this year, an exhibition of the memory of our member of our party, military correspondent Rostislav Zhuravlev was held in the Tyumen Regional Duma.

The formation of persistent anti-fascist beliefs, the education of patriotism and citizenship are the constant concern of the Communist Party and our allies. It is extremely important to consider part of this multifaceted work the deployment of the movement of the red-headed Pioneer. This year, the Day of Pioneer on Red Square was again bright and convincing. Our predecessors have accumulated rich traditions of the children’s movement. Today they must find their continuation in our affairs and plans.

In the harsh times, the importance of civil-patriotic education is drastically increasing. Huge problems have been piling up here for over 30 years. They were a direct consequence of the collaborating course of those who seized power in Russia in the early 1990s. Such wounds have to be healed for a long time. You need to act responsibly and competently and without delay.

On the other hand, it is necessary to understand that vulnerable national egos are capable of using the darkest forces of a revanchist nature. Some of the large capital is willing to use them to their advantage. From hurrah-patriotic rhetoric to demagogic calls in the spirit of “destroying the red-brown” bourgeoisie is able to move rapidly. Here we must be very vigilant and resolute.

The repainted Western liberals will never forgive us that it was the CPRF that took a consistently patriotic position. Our very existence serves as a repro center for them, a reminder of how some of them received grants from Soros, others promoted the textbooks of Kreder, others smashed the Gogol theater, the fourth encouraged the non-interest of the gallerists in the spirit of Gelman, the fifth fell the shelves of bookshops of the writings of Rezun-Suvorov, Solzhenitsyn and Bykov.

The battle for the right of our country to live and develop, for its great socialist future is fierce every day. This situation is not for a few days. To this long-term confrontation with the enemy, we must be prepared comprehensively.  

Workers’ Weapon Solidarity

The only consistent and effective force that can withstand reaction and stop the monsters of fascism is the Communists and the masses of the working people who ize around them. This was proved by the 20th century. This continues to prove the 21st centuryXXI.

New and new examples of success in the fight against the reaction appear before our eyes. In Brazil, the right-wing government of Bolsonaro was removed from power by the majority. The fight against Milei’s anti-people reforms in Argentina unfolds under the leadership of left-wing forces. The Indian Communists are at the forefront of the Hindutva resistance. The Turkish Communist Party exposes Erdogan’s neo-Hindonist aspirations and his ties to the pro-fascist “Gray Wolves.” The left forces are actively opposed by the brown wave in Europe. The Communists of China, Vietnam, Cuba, the DPRK, Laos remain an example of loyalty to the cause of socialism.

At times in the world of capital, the deepening of the crisis is pushed by the increase in reactionary tendencies, the rolling down of democratic norms, and the attack on the rights of the working class. Global capital led by the ruling U.S. circles in the struggle for the redistribution of peace resorts to the support of neo-fascists and radical nationalists. In a number of countries, the glorification of Nazism reaches the level of public policy. In the struggle against the working people, the bourgeoisie is increasingly using the far-right. The history of the Second World War is rewritten. The crimes of the fascists are being silenced. Their rehabilitation is taking place. The monuments to anti-fascists are dismantled. The results of the Nuremberg trial of Nazi criminals are ignored.

It must be understood that the importance of the struggle against imperialism, neo-fascistism and the threat of a world war will only increase. This work goes every day. An important contribution to the cohesion of the left forces is made by the International Meetings of the Communist and Workers” Parties.

In October 2023, at the Meeting of the Parties in Izmir, a resolution was adopted – to stop the spread of fascism, to prevent a new tragedy of mankind. In the twentieth century, the Soviet Union, led by the Communist Party, defeated fascism. In the twenty-first century, the sworn enemy of the working class, fascism, raised its head again and gained access to the levers of power. Fascism becomes one of the main tools in the hands of the world bourgeoisie in its struggle against the working class.

The participants of the International Meeting called for joint efforts in the fight against the reaction, neo-na Nazism and militarism. The new era of testing again requires coordinated action within the framework of the broad anti-fascist front of progressive forces.

Thus, the conclusions of the International Anti-Fascist Forum, convened at the initiative of the CPRF and the UCP-CPSU on April 22, 2023, are supported in Minsk. Representatives of 50 countries participated. The Manifesto for the Unification of the Peoples of the World was adopted. This document deeply argues the urgent need to unite anti-fascist forces.

The Manifesto declared: The Red Flag over the Reichstag in May 1945 is not only a special fact of the past. The meaning and significance of the Great Victory over fascism is turned to the future. They sound to the hearts of new generations. As in the thirties of the last century, the black smoke of military fires is spreading around our planet. He’s getting the horizon going harder. From people of good will, it is necessary to cohese and courage in their fundamental struggle.

The situation is alarming. Neocolonialism reminds itself of itself in Africa and America. The imperialists are heating up the situation in Asia. Under the hum of cannonade in Europe and other corners of the planet is shed blood. There is a great grief and suffering of people. The beast of Nazism covered its old wounds and quickly gain strength. He dared and crawled out of his wolf lair in search of new victims.

The world’s evil has returned in neoliberal guise. It has created a global system of robbery of entire countries and peoples. It tarnished itself with aggression against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria. Attempts have been made to overthrow legitimate governments in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Belarus. Sanction pressure has been put up against the peoples of Russia and China, Cuba and the DPRK. Military threats and political blackmail are used. On the eve of World War II, Hitler’s stormtroopers conducted financial capital. In the 20th century, he also ruled the newly-declared Nazis.

The anti-fascist forum in Minsk recorded: “The direct support of the United States and its NATO allies has elevated the ideology of Nazism to the rank of state in Ukraine. For many years, Bandera wadlings rule the bloody ball in Kiev, mocking the masses of the people. They turned Ukraine into a concentration camp for dissidents, closed undesirable media, banned opposition activities, and unleashed massacres against Communists. Repressed by all who preserved the ideals of the brotherhood of peoples and loyalty to the great Victory over fascism. The Nazis burned people alive in Odessa, exploded and killed from the corner. From year to year, the militants of the “Azov” with the wolf’s hook on the chevrons terrorized Donbass.

Today we reaffirm full solidarity with the conclusion of the Minsk Forum: In the fiery years of the Second World War, a great battle alliance of opponents of fascist barbarism formed – an alliance of Communists and patriots, tyranno fighters and democrats. It was created, despite the social and ideological differences, on the difference between political and religious views. That was the command of time. The new era of testing insists that the unity of action of all people of goodwill. Let’s join in the fight against neo-na Nazism, reaction and militarism! Long live the front of progressive forces! Long live the solidarity of the workers and peoples in the fight against fascism!

Together with our comrades in the UCP-CPSU, we are ready to initiate the Second International Anti-Fascist Forum. I am sure that the Plenary will support this idea amicably!

We will have to use our international ties to ensure that the topic of combating non-offsatism is sounded everywhere and firmly. We will make use of our multilateral and bilateral relations. The CPRF faction in the State Duma is designed to continue its active participation in the preparation and holding of international parliamentary forums, forums – Russia Africa and Russia Latin America, in the work of parliamentary friendship groups. It is important to actively use the opportunities of people’s diplomacy.

We have repeatedly reminded that history has proved that the most consistent and therefore the most successful in the fight against fascism were the Communists.

In the days of the battle with the Hitler invasion, Mikhail Sholokhov wrote: “I hate the fascists for everything they have caused to my homeland and to me personally. And if the love for the homeland is kept in our hearts and will be kept as long as these hearts beat, then hatred is always carried at the ends of the bayonets.

Dear comrades! We have united love for the Motherland, pride for the Soviet era, hatred of fascism and war, which inevitably generate capitalism. The willingness to dedicate life to the cause of the socialist reorganization of society – this is what distinguishes the true Communist.

In the name of the right of peoples to follow the path of socialism, our party will continue to cohesive all people of goodwill – supporters of just life, honest labor and social progress!

With a deep faith in our rightness, in the work of Marx-Lenin-Stalin, we go forward and we know that socialism –will win!

Let’s always be firm in our choice!

Good luck to all of us!

New great victories in the struggle for the interests of the working people!

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