For a Just and Multipolar World Order: Russia and China Strengthen Alliance

Orinoco Tribune, May 17, 2024 —

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has arrived in China on his first official visit abroad after his recent inauguration. He was received by his Chinese counterpart, President Xi Jinping, with whom he held talks agreeing to deepen mutual political trust and contribute to global security and stability.

Vladimir Putin’s official visit to China began this Thursday, May 16, with an emotional reception at Tiananmen Square, where children waved flags and the famous Russian melody ‘Moscow Nights’ resonated as the Russian leader and the Chinese president headed to the Great Hall of the People.

The resulting negotiations between the two leaders led to the signing a declaration, consisting of more than 30 pages, on closer ties, global partnership, and strategic interaction between both countries. In total, the combined delegations of Russia and China signed ten bilateral documents.

Model for building ties between neighbors
After the reception ceremony, the leaders held a joint press conference, during which President Xi stated that within the framework of future cooperation, Russia and China will deepen mutual political trust and support the creation of a multipolar world. The Chinese leader went on to note that Beijing and Moscow have proven to be an example of building a new type of relations and ties between neighbors.

The Chinese president also stated that China hopes for a rapid restoration of peace and stability on the European continent, stressing that Moscow and Beijing consider a diplomatic and political solution to the Ukrainian conflict as the most correct way to achieve this.

“Over three quarters of a century, our relations have overcome difficulties and become even stronger. It should be noted that, since we entered the new era, the level of bilateral relations is continuously rising,” President Xi stated, speaking about the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and China, which falls this year.

“At this new starting point in history, China and Russia will firmly follow their original goals, work together, and shoulder the responsibility of achieving more benefits for the people of the two countries and duly contributing to global security and stability,” the Chinese president continued.

“We work in solidarity to create a just world order”
Putin also thanked Xi for the welcome in China, noting that their “Chinese friends successfully created a warm atmosphere for the talks,” adding that Moscow and Beijing will “work in solidarity to create a just world order,” and that, “Both countries pursue an independent and self-sufficient foreign policy. We work in solidarity to form a more just and democratic multipolar world order, which must be based on the central role of the UN and its Security Council, international law, cultural diversity, and of all civilizations, and a balance of interests of all participants in the international community,” he highlighted.

The Russian leader noted that Russia and China “advocate reforming and depoliticizing multilateral institutions such as the World Trade Organization (WHO), the G20, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC), and adapting them to modern realities.” Among other things, the Russian president also highlighted the intensification of trade and investment ties between the two countries amid the current global scenario.

He emphasized that these links “are reliably protected from the negative influence of external countries and negative trends in global currency markets,” in particular thanks to the fact that, in a timely and coordinated manner, the role of national currencies has been increasing in trade transactions. Putin also announced that Moscow and Beijing have agreed to “strengthen contacts through banking and credit institutions and vigorously use national payment systems.”

He announced that Russia and China also have plans to strengthen cooperation in the energy sector, pointing out that this is one of the priorities of the partnership between both countries. “During the talks, the issue of energy cooperation was addressed in detail, which is advancing at a rapid pace, it is one of our priorities,” Putin said.

Putin’s first official trip abroad since the inauguration
When the Russian president arrived in the China, Xi called Putin his “great friend,” and congratulated him on his assumption of the presidency. The two leaders took a joint photo, after which they began their official diplomatic talks.

The Russian president described it as “symbolic” that his first visit abroad after his re-election is to China. “The high level and special character of Russian-Chinese relations is clearly confirmed by the fact that President Xi Jinping made a state visit to Russia shortly after his re-election as China’s leader,” he explained, “and so it is logical that I made my first visit to China after officially taking office as Russian president. Of course, there is a certain symbolism here.”

During his ongoing visit, Putin will also meet with Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang, and visit the city of Harbin, where he will participate “in the opening ceremony of the eighth Russian-Chinese EXPO and the fourth Russian-Chinese Forum on Interregional Cooperation, and will meet with students and professors from Harbin Polytechnic University.”

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